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Asomugha Signs With Philly / Screws Over Jets…Everyone Needs to Relax

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Honestly, when I found out Nnamdi Asomugha agreed to sign with the Eagles, I was pissed. This guy is pretty fuck’n good. Obviously this gives Philly’s defense a spark they were looking for last year. Sorry Jets fans, but Asomugha is better than Revis in my opinion. He was a silent superstar in Oakland who only allowed ten receptions all season. He also didn’t allow a touchdown in the 2010 season…not too shabby.

Asomugha will be legit, but the Eagles need an improved Asante Samuel in order to have a successful defense.

I know this sucks for the Jets, but in all reality they are fine. Yes it would’ve been awesome to have a “no fly zone” (possibly the corniest nickname in all of sports), but they are still dynamite on defense. As for Eagles fans, they should be pumped. I know my boy Ikenna from Philly has already purchased an Asomugha jersey. But I just read a few articles claiming that the Eagles are prime favorites to win the Super Bowl this year because of this blockbuster move. Wow! Let’s slow it down a little bit. Since when does getting a top notch free agent make a team the favorites for the Lombardi? Don’t want to rain on the Eagles parade here, but isn’t Asomugha joining a defense that was ranked 21st in the league last year? Has Vick proved he can win in the playoffs? Has Desean Jackson decided to play for the name on the front instead of the name on the back? (I guess he hasn’t since he’s going to hold out until the end of August). Looks like this team has a long way to go before assumptions like these can me made.

This has been an exciting week in football. Every hour there are free agents signing big time contracts and superstars surprisingly getting cut. It seems that a seven month offseason has been condensed into two weeks. But I think a lot of us have been so divulged in this excitement, we’ve forgotten about the big picture. Football isn’t like baseball where you can get two ace pitchers and be a lock to win the division. In football, you must have a good nucleus and a shit ton of depth, just like Green Bay had last season. Remember, Asomugha was on a defense last year who finished 22nd in the league. Philly fans better pray that Asante Samuel returns to greatness. If not, this acquisition will be a disappointment.

Every Yankee Fan Must Watch This Tonight…

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DJ3K tonight on HBO at 9pm. HBO has always done phenomenal sports documentaries (Mickey Mantle, Pens-Caps 24/7, Hard Knocks, Mayweather/Mosely, The Broad Street Bullies, and many more). Every Yankee fan will love this:

R.I.P Hideki Irabu

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(May 15, 1969 – July 28, 2011)

New York Football Impacts Since the Lockout Ended

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Could the Giants and Plax reunite this year?

After the lockout finally ended this week, the impacts of the offseason were felt very quickly. With a very short time to sort through free agency, the NFL will basically perform this whole process this week instead of over a long period of time. Teams are reporting to camp and the preseason games start in two weeks.

For the Giants, they started their transactions by cutting a couple of their long time offensive lineman – Rich Seubert and Shaun O’Hara. With injuries and age a concern for both, the Giants are looking to get younger on the line. Quickly, they have landed former 49ers Center David Baas. He has been a solid starter the past two seasons and should help the GMen immediately. Additionally, the Giants have 4th rounder James Brewser from Indiana coming in. It’s likely the Giants will continue to look for more help along the line and sign on the cheap.

The Giants have a series of free agents this off-season who they are looking to re-sign. The Giants have offered Ahmad Bradshaw a deal, but it looks like he wants a bit more money to get it done. Steve Smith wants to return as well, but will look for a one year deal so he can test free agency next year after hopefully an injury-free season. The Giants have lost DT Barry Cofield to division rival Washington, and appear that they will not be able to come to terms with LT Shaun Andrews. It appears Mathias Kiwanuka will return as he and the Giants have reached a two year deal.

The Jets are interested in Nnamdi Asomugha, but can they land the coveted free agent?

The draft class this past season could provide the Giants with help, as it appears to be a class with much potential contributors at CB, DT, S, and LB. Perhaps the worst pick was Jernigan from Troy, a WR who is very short. He could help in the kick return game, but it is unlikely he will contribute at WR as the Giants are stacked with plenty of depth there.

Plaxico Burress might be the most compelling storyline now, as it appears the Giants might actually bring him back. If they can do this, along with Steve Smith, the Giants receiving core will have the potential to be one of, if not the best in the league. Of course, it’s hard to know how good Burress can be now at 34, as well as the repercussions and distractions of signing him. In the end, if Coughlin is on board, then I imagine we shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

For the other team in New York, the Jets have re-signed Santanio Holmes, but it appears they might not retain Braylon Edwards. Some rumors have started that they might be interested in Randy Moss, but no deal is imminent.

The Jets also appear interested in CB Nmamdi Asomugha but have lots of competition for his services. The latest is that the Texans are the favorites to land him, but the Jets certainly are still in the race. Additionally the Jets have re-signed kicker Nick Folk, and also named third year QB Mark Sanchez the team captain.

Sammywestside’s Favorite NY Athletes of All-Time

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Let me start off by saying it’s going to be very difficult for me to explain why I like each person, but its mostly because I like them as an individual (their personality) as well as the way they play, but that is not always the case as you will see.

Honorable Mention:  

15. Hendrik Lundquivst

14. David Lee

13. Eli Manning

12. Paul O’Neill

11. Mark Meissier

10. Allan Houston- Allan had one of the sweetest strokes in the NBA and was so easy to like as a Knick. He had so many moments where he would shine, but none more so then he floater to beat the Heat in Miami. Today Houston is the assistant GM of the Knicks and is rumored to be next in line as the GM. He is a guy who loved New York so much that he’s sticking around to help make the Knicks great again.

9. Marcus Hatten- Marcus was a big part of my St. John’s memories and was instrumental in helping St. John’s to an NIT championship and upset of Duke in 2003. While he only played two seasons with the Red Storm, Hatten was a “do-it-all” guy that made you wonder why he went to Community College in Tallahassee before joining the Red Storm. He averaged over 20 points per game in each season, and had 5 assists and boards per game. He was an excellent defender as well and had a ton of steals. Hatten was also a likeable guy- with a smile on his face and the grit to carry a team on his back for two seasons.

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Top 10 Favorite New York Athletes

Posted in Top 10 Favorite New York Athletes on July 25, 2011 by EAST SIDE RYNO

As we head into a slow time in sports, I thought it would be a good time to discuss who our favorite New York athletes of all-time are. Now this list can’t consist of guys like Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, and Willis Reed since I wasn’t remotely close to being born while these guys were in their playing days. Even guys like Bryan Trottier,  Dave Winfield and Phil Simms don’t count (even though they were playing when I was born, I have no recollection of them ever playing). So list is a group of the ten New York athletes who I vividly and unforgettably remember watching them play for my favorite teams. Here they are:

10. Smush Parker (Fordham Rams 2000-2002)

Since almost everyone on my dad’s side of the family attended Fordham University, I grew up going to Rose Hill for a number of Fordham basketball games in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. In seventh grade, my dad and I went to Madison Square Garden to watch the Rams take on the heavily favored St. John’s Red Storm. Even though the Johnnies had stars such as Marcus Hatten and Elijah Ingram, Fordham’s sophomore point guard Smush Parker took the spotlight by throwing down two monster jams over Red Storm power forward Anthony Glover. Even though the Rams lost by 20, Parker showed his dominance dropping 18 points against one of the best teams in the Big East. Smush would end up playing six years in the NBA, predominantly with the Lakers. Parker is the only Fordham Ram to play in the NBA in the past decade.

9. Danny Tartabull (New York Yankees 1992-1995)


Even though Danny Tartabull was predominantly a Kansas City Royal, he was a power hitter for the Yanks during the years when I started to heavily follow baseball. On Opening Day at Yankee Stadium in 1994, I was sitting in the Upper Deck behind home plate. In the bottom of the 5th, Tartabull lead off with a bomb that landed in the black seats. Since I was six years old, this looked like the farthest ball I had ever seen hit. So after that, I became one of the biggest Danny Tartabull fans. Unfortunately, Tartabull was traded right before the trade deadline in 1995 to the Oakland A’s for Ruben Sierra. Interesting fact: Danny Tartabull was the first Yankee to make a guest appearance on Seinfeld.

Click below for the rest of the List:

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Greetings From The Ballpark at St. George

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Nothing like some good Minor League Baseball on a Sunday afternoon in Staten Island.



New York City skyline from across the Bay


Robbie Cano back in the day as a Staten Island Yankee

Greetings from the Last Row at the Stadium

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Beltran Trade Rumors

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The Mets Must Take Advantage of Beltan's Value

The Mets must take advantage of the trade deadline. Their main priority: trade Carlos Beltran for a solid prospect. With the way Jose Reyes has played this season, the Mets would be stupid not to sign Reyes at the end of the season. Since Alderson won’t keep both players, Beltran must go. It appears that there are five teams in the Beltran sweepstakes: the Red Sox, Phillies, Giants, Braves, and Rangers. Every one of these teams have some good prospects that the Mets could be interested in. There have been rumors that the Phillies would be willing to give up their top prospect Dominic Brown for Beltran. Even though the Phillies are in the NL East, I believe the Mets would agree to this trade. Brown has a tremendous upside while Beltran is reaching the end of his prime. As for the Braves, there were some Mets scouts spotted at Turner Field watching left-handed pitcher Mike Minor. Minor would also be a great addition to the mediocre Mets staff, but I think the Mets can get more in this trade than just an unproven starter.

As I said prior to the season, the Mets are better than predicted. They currently stand at .500 and are in third place in the NL East. With all of the injuries this year (Wright, Reyes, Davis, Young, and more), they have still managed to salvage the season. Even though it’s highly unlikely that the Mets will make a playoff run, they can still finish with a respectable record. If the Beltran trade goes as planned for Alderson, Mets fans should feel optomistic about next year.

Brown Would be a Great Acquisition

Ryan Strome Looks Good

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…and Nathan Lawson looks terrible.