Yesterday was the debut of the new website “” It’s a website I created that is a part of 5 Borough Sports. The website will have all daily Islanders news stories, along with game recaps and memories of the historical franchise. You can read all Fishstick articles right here on 5 Borough Sports as well. Here is a link to the website along with info about the new site. Enjoy.


With my dad at the Nassau Coliseum – February 18, 2013

I created “Fishstick City” to talk New York Islanders hockey from the perspective of a Manhattan native. It’s simple – if you’re raised in New York City, you’re a Rangers fan. I grew up a mile away from Madison Square Garden, but surprisingly I loathe everything about the New York Rangers organization.

You might ask, how did I become an Islander fan growing up in Manhattan? The truth is, my father is an Islanders fan who grew up in Queens. After he graduated from Fordham University, his college friend Pete Hanley got a job at Newsday and Pete covered the Islanders in the late 1970’s.  Whenever Pete wasn’t able to make it to the Coliseum, he would give my dad a press pass for the Islanders game. With the press pass, my father watched the Islanders quickly rise to being a Stanley Cup contender. I was born in 1988, so I missed the glory days at the Coliseum. But my dad has taught me all about the great Islanders moments from the early 80’s. I attended my first hockey game when I was six years old on March 26, 1995. Instead of taking the subway to the Garden, my dad and I drove out to Uniondale to watch the Islanders take on the Devils. We sat mid-ice and watched an epic battle between the lowly Isles and the heavily-favored Devils. The game ended in a 5-5 tie but the Islanders played their hearts out. Ziggy Palffy scored a goal while Ray Ferraro notched a goal and two assists. The Islanders would finish the 1995 season with a terrible record 15-28-5, last in the Atlantic Division. But from that day on, I became a die-hard fan of this struggling franchise.

A casual fan may not know the history of the Islanders franchise. Today everyone sees the Islanders as the laughingstock of the NHL. But there was once a time when the Islanders were the greatest franchise in all of sports. It’s hard to realize that the Islanders are still the last franchise to have won four straight world championships (1980-83). Here at “Fishstick City,” we will discuss everything there is to know about Islanders hockey. From the history of the franchise to the recent trasactions to my personal experiences with this hockey club, this website is dedicated to everything Islanders hockey. To begin, here is a video made in 2006 about the history of the New York Islanders. Enjoy:

At the Coliseum during Islanders Practice - March 2002

March 2002 – At an Islanders Practice at the Coliseum

In 2002 with Islanders captain Michael Peca

In 2002 with Islanders captain Michael Peca

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