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Is This The Worst Play In the History of Football?

Posted in Other on August 30, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

You decide.

I Have to Be Honest, I Love Rex Ryan

Posted in Jets on August 30, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

Last season, I wasn’t a big fan of Big Rex. Don’t get me wrong- I am not a Jets hater. Last January, I was rooting for them to stay hot through the playoffs. But I thought Rex was a little too outgoing for an NFL coach. I respected his brutal honesty during press conferences, but I thought it was stupid to put a huge target on your back by becoming the Muhammed Ali of the NFL. Now I still think Rex is a moron for continuing to hype up the Jets’ 2010 season, but I gotta admit, he’s fuck’n hilarious. Watching Hard Knocks this month has made me love this guy. I can see why his players would die for him. He talks like he’s in the huddle. He understands how to win ballgames. He finds ways to get the best out of his players. Even with something as serious as the Derrell Revis holdout, he’s able to have a distraction-free training camp. Now even though I am admitting I’m a Rex Ryan fan, this doesn’t mean I respect his father. Buddy Ryan can go fuck himself. Any coach who puts bounties on opposing players can go to hell in my book, especially if it’s against the G-Men (Joe Morris).

Nonetheless, I am a true Rex Ryan fan. Doesn’t mean I would take Rex over my boy Coughlin or any other member of the Big Blue coach staff, but I respect the hell out of the big guy.

Stay classy Buddy Ryan:

Ref Absolutely Destroys Fighter

Posted in Other on August 26, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

One of the greatest moves of all-time.  I would go to battle with ref any day of the week. The true definition of a tough guy.

As Long As James Dolan Is Around, the Knicks will Never Win

Posted in Knicks on August 11, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

The Isiah Thomas hiring has officially sealed the deal. I am completely fed up with the Knicks. I’m starting to question if Dolan actually wants the Knicks to be successful. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with him? Ever since he started to run daily operations at the Garden in 2000, the Knicks have not had a winning season. His abysmal management moves have caused the Knicks to become one of the most embarrassing franchises in all of sports. The hiring of Isiah Thomas is one of the primary reasons for this decade of humiliation. Because of Isiah’s aggressive, yet unsuccessful transactions, the Knicks have found themselves at the bottom of the Eastern Conference every single season. The Knicks haven’t won a single playoff game since the 2000-2001 season and haven’t even been in the playoffs since the 2003-2004 season. Off the court, Thomas was involved in a sexual harrassment lawsuit dealing with an executive female co-worker. Three years ago, when Donnie Walsh was hired to the run the Knicks everyday operations, Thomas was rightfully fired.

Now after Isiah was fired in 2007, I honestly believed the Knicks were headed in the right direction. Watching the Pacers in the 90’s, I saw how Walsh revived that franchise and made them a contender year after year. When D’Antoni was hired, I liked that as well. It seemed that Dolan was slowly allowing Walsh to have full command of the franchise. So what the fuck changed?!?!?! Now Dolan is back making moves again? Is he high?!?! Let’s bring back Isiah, the fucker who put this franchise in the gutter, and along with it, had a sexual harrasment lawsuit against him. But then again, with this being the Knicks, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

The only good news about Dolan running the Garden is that he’s completely fucking up the Rangers as well. I can deal with that.

Biggest Upset of 2010

Posted in Other on August 10, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

I mean this wasn’t even close! That was just pure domination. After watching Kyle Bosworth’s first dance, I thought Deji Karim was going to blow him out of the water. But all Karim could come up with was a half-assed stanky leg? C’mon!  All Bosworth had to do then was go in for the kill. I’m loving the creativity with the tomahawk jam. Great moves.

There’s No Place Like Canton.

Posted in Shout Out of the Week on August 8, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

I have to admit – my expectations weren’t too high for the city of Canton, Ohio. I knew the Pro Football Hall of Fame was going to be unreal, but I had no idea that this town was going to be so sweet! No joke! Even though I’ve only been here for a couple hours, this town is making a killer first impression. Now when I mean awesome, I don’t mean crazy clubs with a sweet downtown. I’m talking “Middletown, USA.” When people think of America, they should think Canton, Ohio – a completely flat town with homely streets of middle-upper class houses. My hotel is in between Route 77 (a great middle of the country highway) and a sweet-ass strip mall which includes Target, Game Stop, and Borders. Can you get any more American?!?! I love it.

There is nothing like Fawcett Stadium. I’ve never seen a field that too big for a high school field, but too small for a college team. This stadium is the perfect size for the Hall of Fame game. I’ve also seen people wearing jerseys from every single team in the NFL. It’s almost like all the die-hard football fans came to Canton to chill together for the weekend. Nothing like it. You might laugh, but I believe this is one of the best places for a family vacation (during Hall of Fame weekend).

Even though he killed the Giants his entire career, I respect the hell out of Emmitt Smith. Absolutely one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard. Gets pretty emotional. (Go to 8:53 in the video where Emmitt talks about Darryl Johnston – I love how he gives a shout out to his fullback)

Also, everyone reading this better watch the Hall of Fame game tomorrow.

I Want This License Plate.

Posted in Giants on August 3, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

Hands down, the great license plate of all-time.