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I Have a New Respect for Andre Johnson

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Reason #17483748375 why MJ is the Greatest Athlete of All-Time

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Greatest College Football Game I’ve Ever Watched…

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Speechless. The greatest college football game of all time. There is nothing better than two mid-majors duking it out with EVERYTHING on the line. Think about it. What else does Nevada and Idaho live for? This is their national championship. Yea I know all of you are gonna say that the Auburn-Alabama game was ten times better, but I disagree. There’s an art to a mid-major classic. The fact that Nevada’s stadium fits on 29,000 people in the middle of nowhere in Reno makes it even better. Boise State was up 24-7 at halftime, but Nevada perfected their pistol offense to pull one of the greatest comebacks of all time. This is what college football is all about.

Giants Beat Themselves…Lose Division Lead

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There’s nothing worse than losing in a shithole city to a bunch of douchebags. Having said that, if the Giants lose a game like this one, have it happen now. As we know in this league, no one can stay on top for an entire season. Right now, the Eagles are the hottest team. Vick has obviously been playing out of his mind. However, teams make adjustments and figure out ways to contain the playmakers. With the exception of the final five minutes, the Giants defense played their best game of the season. With the amount of weapons Philly has on offense, our defense made some fantastic plays. Due to the shittyness of Matt Dodge and some turnovers on offense, the Eagles started most of their drives close to Giants territory in the first half. Yet they only managed to score 13 points. Down by one with four minutes to go, the Eagles had 4th and 6th deep in their own territory. The Giants were able to stop the drive; however, a crucial mistake by my man Jason Pierre-Paul gave Philly another shot…and then it was over. I can’t get mad a Pierre-Paul for making this mistake. He’s a rookie who has played his heart out all year. It’s just unfortunate that we handed them the game on that one play.

I can never get angry with Bradshaw since he’s been playing out of his mind all year. But c’mon man!! Enough with the fumbles! Eli needs to step it up. That’s 16 picks on the season. Yeah, I know about five of those aren’t your fault, but that’s still too many. Plus, learn how to fuck’n slide!!! You would think after last season’s game against Philly that Eli would figure it out. I guess not. And for the second straight game against the Eagles, the game was lost on an Eli Manning fumble while scrambling. We must cut down the turnovers in order to become a more consistent team. But hey, just like Collinsworth (who sounded drunk last night) said, “The Eagles held serve tonight.”  The Eagles come to the Meadowlands December 19. Let’s make sure the Giants can get back on track next week against Jacksonville.

Btw, Asante Samuel can kiss my left nut. Just remember who owned your ass in the Super Bowl bitch.


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(Video Courtesy of Eli Robins)

This Better Be Reverse Psychology

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“I’ve never seen a quarterback do the things Vick can do, besides seeing Michael Vick…His pocket passing is more efficient, he has a bazooka for an arm and he runs faster than three quarters of the receivers in this league.”   – Antrel Rolle

“He’s unlike anything we’ve seen at the position.”  – Barry Cofield

“His speed, there’s nothing like it at the quarterback position..You can’t practice for that kind of speed. It’s almost impossible.” – Michael Boley

Gotta tell you- there’s nothing like waking up and reading this bullshit to start your day. Really puts you in a fantastic mood. I’m hoping this is just some plan to get in Vick’s head because if these guys believe this shit, it’s not going to be a good Sunday night for Giants fans. I get it, Vick is pretty good. He got me 57 fantasy points on Monday. But c’mon! It was one game against a shitty Redskins defense. We have a great defense. We had an awful game last week but we are still top five in the league. Stop praising this fucker and destroy him Sunday.

Btw, I have concluded that there’s no such thing as karma in the NFL. Vick kills dogs, goes to jail, then has an MVP-like season two years later. Roethlisberger rapes a chick, gets suspended four games, then comes back with a strong performance. Braylon Edwards gets a DUI after a bar fight, then three days later gets the game-winning touchdown against the Patriots.  And that’s why the NFL is awesome.

I Respect the Hell Out of Chad Dukes.

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I’d feel the same way if I was down in DC.