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#2: (1996) Yankees Win World Series

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Coming off a disappointing 1995 postseason, the New York Yankees saw 1996 as a prime opportunity to win their first championship in 18 years. Yankee legend Don Mattingly retired after the 1995 season and the Yankees needed to a new first baseman. The Yanks believed Tino Martinez of the Seattle Mariners would be the perfect fit. With Tino on board, the front office continued to make drastic changes. Steinbrenner made the unpopular move of firing skipper Buck Showalter and replacing him with Joe Torre. Torre, who had managed the Mets a decade before, didn’t seem to be the best choice according to New York. The day after Torre was hired, the Daily News had their sports section headlined with “Clueless Joe.” Along with a new manager, the Yankees brought up a new shortstop by the name of Derek Jeter. With Tony Fernandez out for the season, Jeter was named starting shortstop just days prior to the beginning of the ’96 season. Throughout the year, the Yanks performed like they were the best team in the American League. Jeter was outstanding and earned Rookie of the Year honors. A mid-season trade with the Tigers sent All-Star slugger Cecil Fielder to the Bronx boosting the Yankees already potent lineup. Winning 92 games, the Yankees won the American League East for first time since 1981.

In the American League Division Series, the Yankees took care off the hard-hitting Texas Rangers in three games. In the Championship Series, the Yanks faced their division foe, the Baltimore Orioles. Game One was one of the most memorable games in Yankees postseason history. Down 4-3 in the 8th inning, Derek Jeter hit an opposite field shot near the right field wall. Orioles’ outfielder, Tony Torrasco ran to the warning track to make the catch, but all of a sudden, a fan reached over the wall and caught it. The umpire wrongfully called the shot a home run and the game was tied 4-4. In extra innings, Bernie Williams ended Game 1 with a home run to left field to give the Yanks a 1-0 series lead. Even though Baltimore won game 2, the Yankees won the next three games on the road to advance to their first World Series in fifteen years.

Against the heavily favored Atlanta Braves, the Yankees did not show up for the first two games of the World Series. After a 12-1 blowout loss and a 4-0 shutout, the Yanks had their backs to the wall heading into Atlanta. The Braves were looking to take complete control of the series with Tom Glavine on the bump for Game 3. But David Cone and the Yankees persevered and won 5-2.

In Game 4, the Braves knocked around Yankee starter Kenny Rogers and took a 6-0 lead after three innings. The Yanks were able to cut the lead to 6-3 after a couple of key hits by Jeter, Fielder, and Charlie Hayes, but heading into the 8th inning the Braves still lead by three. Braves manager Bobby Cox decided to hand the ball over to their closer, Mark Wohlers, in order to get the last six outs of the ballgame. Off Wohlers, the Yankees threatened. With two on and one out, catcher Jim Leyritz came to the plate. In one of the greatest at-bats by a New York Yankee, Leyritz took the count 2-2 after fouling off fastball after fastball. With the sixth pitch of the at-bat, Leyritz drilled Wohler’s slider to deep left field for a three-run home run, tying the score, and ultimately shifting the momentum of the series.

Andy Pettite got the start for the Yankees for Game 5, where he was looking to avenge his awful start in Game 1. He pitched magnificently. After getting out crucial jams, including one where he threw a runner out at third on a sacrifice bunt, Pettitte went eight strong. Clinging to a 1-0 lead in the 9th, closer John Wetteland replaced Pettitte. With Chipper Jones on third with one out, Atlanta looked to regain the momentum. But with Wettelend able to get the second out without Jones scoring, the Yanks were one pitch away from leading the series and heading home. In the final at-bat, Braves pinch-hitter Luis Polonia hit a line-drive to deep right field. Yankee right-fielder,  Paul O’Neill sprinted, with a strained hamstring, reached out and caught the ball at the wall. The Yankees were ready to return to the Bronx and capture the title.

Back in the Bronx, New York was ready. Even with Greg Maddux on the mound for Atlanta, Yankee fans knew this would be the last game of the series. After two scoreless innings, the Yanks broke through in the third. After an O’Neill double, Joe Girardi came up to the plate with one out. On the very first pitch, Girardi smoked a shot to right-center field that bounced up against the wall. With O’Neill already scored, Girardi slid safely into third with a triple. The stadium was absolutely deafening. Some fans have called it the loudest moment in Yankee Stadium history. After two more runs in the third, the Yankees were 3-0 and looked to finish off the Braves. Atlanta salvaged a run in the top of the 4th, but were held scoreless till the top of 9th. After Mariano Rivera did his job in the 8th, Wetteland was given the ball to end the series. The Braves, however, showed fight. After a couple of hits and a run, Atlanta cut the score to 3-2 with the tying run on 2nd with two outs. But like always, Wetteland came though. Braves’ second baseman Mark Lemke  popped up in foul territory to Charlie Hayes. The Yankees were champions for the first time since 1978. A dynasty was born.

Bob Barker is Bad Ass

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Why did this guy ever retire?? Seriously, is there anyone more baller than Bob Barker?? He made a living hosting an awesome TV show AND beat the absolute living shit out of Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore. This dude has it made. He should definitely make a comeback sometime soon. Still looks like he’s got some fun stuff left in the tank.

Shout Out of The Week

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Javy Vazquez. While watching the Yankees today, I was thinking about Vazquez’s season so far. When the Yanks acquired him in December, a lot of people were upset about it. Melky Cabrera was a fan favorite and Vazquez is known in New York for being the guy who gave up the grand slam to Damon in Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS. In the beginning of the season, Javy was simply awful. Even though I was excited about the trade in the offseason, I have to be honest, I was ready to rid of the guy. But then Vazquez grew some balls and has been one of our most consistent starters for the past month and a half. With Pettitte out and Burnett still struggling, Vazquez has helped keep this rotation together. I’m fuck’n loving the way the Yanks are playing right now. Keep it rollin!!!!

How Can You Not Root For John Daly??

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This dude is my hero. Psychadelic purple pants, teal vest, with a pink shirt. Hysterical! Let’s not forget that this guy is absolutely tearing it up this morning with a six under. Let’s hope Daly keeps up this play through Sunday. If this is his Thursday outfit, I can’t imagine what he’ll be wearing Sunday.

Simply Awesome.

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Who are you?

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Aren’t you the guy who got his ass kicked by Nettles in ’76? O  yea, that’s right. Nettles took you to the ground and ruined your career. This video right here shows that you definitely deserved to have your shoulder detatched from your body during that fight. You know what’s funny about this? Steinbrenner didn’t give a fuck about you. The Yanks owned your ass back in the 70’s. Steinbrenner was too busy winning. Tough shit dude. No one cares about what you think. Yesterday, Sportscenter dedicated its entire day to stories and programs about The Boss. When you die, you’ll be lucky to even have your name on the bottom line. Sorry bro. No one gives a flying fuck.

The Only Person Who Can Stop the Yanks From Winning the World Series is Joe Girardi.

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I’ll start out by saying how much I hate how All-Star games are managed. If I was managing the American  League all-star team, David Price is giving me 7 strong. Then I have Rafael Soriano in the 8th and Jose Valverde in the 9th. Joe Girardi didn’t manage this game to win it. He managed this game for everyone to get playing time. If winning isn’t your top priority, there’s a good chance you won’t win the game. I don’t give a fuck if the Rays would get pissed off with me if Price throws 100+ pitches. You play to win the game. Having witnessed what was perhaps the worst managed game in all of baseball last night, I’m deeply concerned about the Yankees in the postseason. I honestly believe with the talent the Yanks have this year, a 12 year old who knows nothing about baseball could manage better than Girardi. I get it. Girardi is a numbers guy. But this makes Girardi over-think, just like he did against the Angels a couple of months ago. (

Now I can get into all the awful decisions about last nights game (pinch-run Kinsler for Ortiz in the 9th / Give Arod a chance to tie the game with 2 outs in the 9th / don’t bring in a left specialist to face two right handers with runners on) but I’m not going to. I’m going to look to the future and pray that the Yankees can overcome this clueless manager.

I Freak’n Love This Guy

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Best Red Sox fan of all-time. This guy actually has it right!!! Guess what?? The Knicks suck!!! Always have!!! Guess what?? The Rangers suck!!!! It’s so true! Madison Square Garden sucks!!!! Hey Dolan! Go jump off a bridge! You’re a fuck’n douchebag!! You have actually made Madison Square Garden the worst sports arena of all-time! It’s an absolute embarassment!!!!! Who gives a fuck if LeBron goes to Miami?!! Knicks are gonna suck anyway!! Stoudemire and Felton?? Are you kidding me?!?!?!?! Just like Dan LeBatard said -> let us prepare ourselves with another decade of irrelevance. Thank you Bill Burr for clarifying that for us. I would want nothing more than to set up a meeting between you and Walsh / Dolan. Maybe you can hit them with some knowledge. And thank you for some Yankees kudos. Long live Bill Burr everyone.

P.S. Thanks Tim King for this video.

– I’m sorry for being completely hammered writing this. Deal with it.

Dan LeBatard’s Reaction to the Heat Signing LeBron (AKA “The Giant Royal Penis”)

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Fast-forward to 1:17. Real funny stuff.

Get Joba Chamberlain Off This Team

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As the first half of the Yankees season comes to an end, it seems that everything in the organization is working on all cylinders…except for Joba Chamberlain. Winning 6 of 7 games on the west coast would usually put me in a fantastic mood, but that one loss has me concerning about the postseason. With the Yanks up 1-0 in the bottom of 8th against Seattle last night, Joba took the mound to carry this small lead into the hands of Mariano. Instead of doing his job, Joba once against choked little bitch, just like he has all season. It’s never a good thing when you’re 8th inning set-up man has an ERA over 5. Plus, I don’t know if I could even count all the games he has blown!! He absolutely sucks. Completely awful. One of the most overrated players in Yankee history. Did Cashman and Steinbrenner fuck this guy up by moving him back and forth between the starting rotation and the bullpen? Maybe. But who cares. The Yanks did the whole starter-reliever switch-a-roo with Mariano back in ’95. It looks like he overcame the adversity. I just read that Girardi will still hand the ball over to Joba in the 8th with a lead, even though he has shown us he can’t get the job done. I’ve had it with this guy. Even if Joba pitches well down the stretch, would you trust this guy come October? Hell no!! The dude is an absolute choke artist. Put ANYONE else as the set-up man Joe. No more of this Joba bullshit.