Asomugha Signs With Philly / Screws Over Jets…Everyone Needs to Relax

Honestly, when I found out Nnamdi Asomugha agreed to sign with the Eagles, I was pissed. This guy is pretty fuck’n good. Obviously this gives Philly’s defense a spark they were looking for last year. Sorry Jets fans, but Asomugha is better than Revis in my opinion. He was a silent superstar in Oakland who only allowed ten receptions all season. He also didn’t allow a touchdown in the 2010 season…not too shabby.

Asomugha will be legit, but the Eagles need an improved Asante Samuel in order to have a successful defense.

I know this sucks for the Jets, but in all reality they are fine. Yes it would’ve been awesome to have a “no fly zone” (possibly the corniest nickname in all of sports), but they are still dynamite on defense. As for Eagles fans, they should be pumped. I know my boy Ikenna from Philly has already purchased an Asomugha jersey. But I just read a few articles claiming that the Eagles are prime favorites to win the Super Bowl this year because of this blockbuster move. Wow! Let’s slow it down a little bit. Since when does getting a top notch free agent make a team the favorites for the Lombardi? Don’t want to rain on the Eagles parade here, but isn’t Asomugha joining a defense that was ranked 21st in the league last year? Has Vick proved he can win in the playoffs? Has Desean Jackson decided to play for the name on the front instead of the name on the back? (I guess he hasn’t since he’s going to hold out until the end of August). Looks like this team has a long way to go before assumptions like these can me made.

This has been an exciting week in football. Every hour there are free agents signing big time contracts and superstars surprisingly getting cut. It seems that a seven month offseason has been condensed into two weeks. But I think a lot of us have been so divulged in this excitement, we’ve forgotten about the big picture. Football isn’t like baseball where you can get two ace pitchers and be a lock to win the division. In football, you must have a good nucleus and a shit ton of depth, just like Green Bay had last season. Remember, Asomugha was on a defense last year who finished 22nd in the league. Philly fans better pray that Asante Samuel returns to greatness. If not, this acquisition will be a disappointment.

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