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This Giants Fan Knows What It’s All About

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Marvin Austin = Stud

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Even though the Giants needed an offensive lineman early in this draft, they couldn’t pass on Marvin Austin. Knowing Jerry Reese’s philosophy on the draft, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. According to Reese, it’s important to draft the best player left on the board – not the best player for your needs. Last season, the Giants were stacked on the defensive line, yet they still drafted lineman Jason Pierre-Paul. After the way Pierre-Paul performed last year, it looks like Reese made the right decision. So why would Reese change his philosophy in this year’s draft? The Giants made the right move drafting Austin. Even though he was suspended for the 2010 season at North Carolina for having ties with agents, it doesn’t mean he’s an absolute stud. Some are saying that taking a player who has sat an entire season is a risk. Austin is a risk, but his talent was too much to pass by in the second round. Once again, outstanding job by Jerry Reese.

The Prince is Here

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So if you guys haven’t been watching the NFL Draft, the Giants selected Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara with the 19th overall pick. Since I don’t follow too much Big 12 football, I didn’t know who Prince was until he was picked. But for the half hour I’ve been watching some of his highlights and he looks like a phenomenal defensive back. He’s a little guy but is very explosive. Plus, he was the 2010-2011 Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year. When it comes to the NFL Draft, I have full trust in Jerry Reese. Ever since he was hired in 2007, he has done a magnificent job with the draft. Even when he was the Assistent General Manager to Ernie Accorsi, it was Reese’s idea to draft the over-looked Osi Umenyiora. So for Giants fans, I think that this was a successful day in the draft. As we’ve seen for the past two seasons, you can never have enough defensive backs. If the Giants don’t have depth in the backfield, any good offense will kill them.

Here are a couple of Prince Amukamara videos:

Rex Ryan Claims Jets are Superior Football Team in New York…Who Cares?

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(USA TODAY) Just like when he speaks in public, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is bold and brash and takes no prisoners in a new book set being published next week. “Play Like You Mean It” is Ryan’s new offering, and he uses it as a platform to reveal his thoughts on many of his own players and rivals, including the New York Giants and New England Patriots. On the crosstown Giants, long seen as the bigger team in New York: “When people ask me what it’s like to share New York with the Giants, my response is always, I am not sharing it with them — they’re sharing it with me,” Ryan said. “I know it’s going to piss off every Giants fan to hear this, but here you go: We are the better team. We are the big brother.” Ryan said the Jets would be better than the Giants for the next decade.

Doesn’t Rex Ryan realize that he lost all credibility last year when he guaranteed the Jets would win the Super Bowl? Sorry bro! No one cares about what you have to say. We know you’re going to guarantee championships even if you don’t have a championship caliber team. We know you’re going to try and stir controversy to get people riled up. But Rex, here’s the thing. Giants fans don’t give a fuck about the Jets. You want to claim you’re the big brother? Go ahead. Giants fans don’t listen to AFC coaches blabber during the offseason. This is just like saying Yankee fans hate the Phillies. In reality, Yankee fans don’t give a flying fuck. Have fun in the National League dude. The Yanks don’t even play the Phillies this year, so unless they meet in the World Series, I don’t care.

Back to Rex: Why does Ryan have the urge to say this about the Giants? I know that his father hated the franchise, but does he really have to sink this low? If you’re a Jets fan, you should feel embarrassed. This is like the JV team claiming they are better than the varsity cause they’ve had a better record the last two years. Maybe if Rex (or any member of the Ryan family) ever wins a Super Bowl, maybe I’ll consider taking him seriously.

New Yankee Stadium vs. Old Yankee Stadium

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I’m officially fed up with the new stadium. It’s unfathomable that the Yankees have on average over 10,000 seats empty each game. You know there is a significant problem when the greatest franchise of all-time has major trouble selling out home games. When are the Steinbrenner’s gonna get it? The economy sucks. No one is going to pay over $500 to watch the Yankees. No one wants to pay $10 for a small cup of beer. Having grown up going to the old Yankee Stadium, it’s hard to get used to the new one. I know that the old Yankees Stadium wasn’t the most beautiful stadium, but the atmosphere during a ballgame was the best in baseball. This season, I’ve watched a handful of the Yankees game live and it’s embarrassing seeing field box seats practically empty. This is the third season in a row of this bullshit. It’s time for a change.

Even during the 2009 World Series, the stadium atmosphere wasn’t the same. Back in the 90’s, the crowd consisted of a bunch blue collar New Yorkers who bled Yankee baseball. Just take a look of the video of Don Mattingly (above) hitting his first posteason home run. The crowd is just absolutely swarming in the upper deck. Now the stadium is littered with Wall Street brokers who probably grabbed company tickets on the way out of the office. All these guys do is arrive in the third inning, go to the steak house in the stadium with a couple of clients, and then leaving during the 7th inning stretch. It’s truly sad that baseball has come to this. Around the league, ticket sales have significantly decreased. The Yankees’ ticket sales are down over 2,000 fans a game since last year. The Steinbrenners must lower ticket prices if they want the true fans to come back to the Stadium. Until then, these fans will continue to watch the games at New York bars instead.  

Will we ever see epic moments like this again?

Carl Everett Arrested For Putting Gun to Wife’s Head

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Down goes one of my least favorite athletes of all-time! Even when I was five years old, I hated his guts. I still remember watching a Mets game during a hot summer day in 1995. During one of Everett’s at bats, my dad said to me, “This guy got in trouble for beating his children.” Not that good of a first impression of the dude.  Then, of course, Carl got traded to the Red Sox and started to rake. While with the Sox, he went on to show up one of my favorite pitchers of all-time, Ted Lilly. Everett was a switch hitter, but against the left-handed Lilly, he batted lefty. When asked why he batted left-handed he said, “I only bat righty against lefties who throw hard.” One year later, Everett broke up Mike Mussina’s perfect game with two outs in the 9th. After his base hit, he proceeded to stare down at Mussina and slowly nod his head. So when I found out this afternoon that Everett was arrested, was it wrong that I couldn’t help but smile?


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Time for the Yankees

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For the past week and a half, the Yanks have been overshadowed by the Knicks and Rangers’ playoff woes. Now it’s time to get back to talking baseball. This past series against the Orioles was very impressive. On Saturday, CC pitched an outstanding game while Russell Martin led the offense to a 15-3 blowout victory. Then yesterday afternoon, the Yanks took a quick 3-0 with the help of Curtis Granderson’s home run. But, the Orioles would comeback and tie the game at 3 (another blown save for Mariano). However, in the top of the 11th, the offensive woke up and scored three runs. The Yankees would go on to win 6-3 and improve to 12-6 on the season. Derek Jeter had a four hit game yesterday, so I hope everyone can get off his back. He’s going to be fine this year. Don’t expect him to bat .300, but he will bat above .270. Last time I checked, how many shortstops are batting over .270? Exactly. He’s not supposed to be one of our main guys in the lineup so let him have a decent year in peace. Yankees come home to take on the White Sox tonight at 7pm on ESPN.

See You Next Year

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It’s Officially Baseball Season

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You're an Embarrassment to this City

Yeah I know the Knicks aren’t technically out of the playoffs. But given they’ve officially quit on us, I am gonna go ahead and quit on them. Last night’s game was one of the most embarrassing moments I’ve ever had as a New York sports fan. After two heartbreaking losses in Boston, the Knicks had a chance to salvage the series in front of the best basketball fans in the league. Instead of regaining the momentum of the series, the Knicks quit. In the second half, they stopped playing defense and showed no effort on either side of the ball. Any reason for leaving Ray Allen wide open on almost every shot in the third quarter? This is one of the few times I will not criticize D’Antoni after a loss. If you watched him on the bench, he looked like he did everything he could to energize his squad. Nothing worked. Carmelo and Amare are damn good basketball players, but I’m questioning their heart. I don’t care if Stoudemire is hurt. It’s the fucking playoffs. Maybe he should watch footage of Willis Reed and learn what it takes to win a championship.

The Knicks Can't Match the Heart of Kevin Garnett

The Celtics are a very arrogant team. Whenever I see Kevin Garnett take a bow to our fans after the game, I want to punch him in the face. He’s just one of your typical classless athletes. But the guy has the heart of a champion. If I could pick any player in the NBA right now to have on my team I would chose KG. He is a vocal leader who just knows how to win. Same goes with Paul Pierce. I hate the dude, but I respect the fuck out of him. And of course, Jesus Shuttleswoth. Here’s a guy I can’t hate. He’s Reggie Miller without a mouth. After he makes a dagger three pointer, he just runs back on defense. There’s no trash-talking, no hand gestures, nothing. I feel stupid that I actually thought the Knicks had a chance to even this series. With the exception of Billups, Amare, and Carmelo, I think Walsh needs to clean house. I don’t even want big names. Just give me players who have heart and will do anything to win. The Knicks haven’t had a guy like that since Starks.

So it’s officially baseball season. Yankees play tonight at Baltimore at 7pm on YES.

This Team Just Knows How to Win