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My 2012 Bracket

Posted in Bracketology, College Basketball on March 13, 2012 by sammywestside

This years bracket had a lot of potential for upsets, but the way things matched up were a little disappointing in my opinion. The seeding weren’t as bad as last year but some teams got shafted. Creighton got an 8 seed when they should have been around a 6. BYU and Iona were unfairly matched at the 14 seed line. I don’t understand how if you’re the last 4 in you could be a 14 seed. Lamar and Vermont should have been left out of the play-in match ups and should have got strictly 16 seeds. I thought Colorado got a generous seed at 11 considering they weren’t even in contention for an at large before winning the Pac 12. St. Bonaventure and Belmont perhaps deserved a 13 seed instead of 14.

Anyway onto my bracket…

– You’ll notice I chose my favorite coach in the world to win it all, John “Cheater” Calipari. I honestly don’t think he is a great coach and could easily lose, but this year Kentucky has less flaws than anyone else.

– Kentucky is my only 1 seed in the final four but the other three are 2 seeds, so nothing crazy.

– My elite 8 isn’t controversial either with only one team (Baylor) as a mild upset.

– I’m actually pissed that my bracket has so few upsets and I have been working hard to try and convince myself of some. This hasn’t worked that well, but majority of my upsets you’ll see in the Midwest region.

– Belmont and Cal in the sweet sixteen might be stretching it, but these are two very underrated teams.

– The upsets that I didn’t pick but came close are the following: Iona over Marquette and into the sweet 16, NM St over Indiana, Ohio over Michigan, Harvard over Vandy, LB State over New Mexico, and St. Bonaventure over FSU

– Of teams I think could really surprise Wichita State is at the top of the list. I have them in the sweet 16 losing to Kentucky, but this team, with better match ups, is capable of a very deep run. I think they are much better than Butler or VCU from the last two years, and of course are seeded quite well.

Early Thoughts on the Bracket

Posted in Bracketology, College Basketball on March 12, 2012 by sammywestside
Tim Cluess and Iona are Dancin'

Tim Cluess and Iona are Dancin'

Last night we were revealed the brackets and unlike last year, the controversy wasn’t overwhelming. The only surprise and gripe most people had was with the inclusion of Iona over teams like Drexel or Seton Hall. Personally I have absolutely no problem with Iona being in, I was just a bit surprised. I was happy to see them in, and I instead would have replaced USF with Drexel, a team that played unbelievable the last 27 games of the season. They had their top shooter out the first part of the season when they started 2-4, and they should have considered that. There are 3 trends we have seen now over the last few years in how the committee picks teams:

1. RPI DOES MATTER: Seton Hall, Drexel, and many other bubble teams had much lower RPI’s than Iona and I think that helped them get in over them. RPI is a reflection of who you play and who you beat. Personally I am a much bigger fan of the KenPom rating system which takes into account the efficiency of how a team performs on both ends of the floor. Historically ranking systems are designed in order to give the most accurate representation of how good each team is, and a team ranked lower would lose on a neutral court. The RPI doesn’t do this nearly as accurately as KenPom rankings does. The committee should rethink if RPI is the best system. Still said, Iona deserved to get in and I was excited to see them make it because they were the better team.

2. Strength of Schedule is a big deal: Look no further than who you play as a big indicator of where or if you’ll be seeded. A team like Missouri missed out on a 1 seed likely because they didn’t do enough tough scheduling non-conference despite racking up a better record than UNC or Michigan State. Strength of schedule is the best way to manipulate RPI too. Teams every year that schedule tough (and lose) reap more benefits than those who schedule easy and roll to victories. Personally though, it’s best to find some middle ground. Losing a game a team you’re supposed to is fine, losing a game to a team that is a bad loss isn’t. With the struggle for teams at the bottom of the ACC, Big 12, Big East, SEC (and the entire Pac 12), bad losses were easier to come by for big conference schools.

3. Being a Mid Major on the bubble is actually better now: Last year it was VCU, this year Iona. Teams most people didn’t have in but they got in. The question is why go halfway with this new trend and include a very mediocre USF instead of Drexel. I am all for getting more mid majors in, but most years didn’t have the depth this year did. Many teams that weren’t even mentioned on the bubble should have been there and lost in their conference championships. To name a few teams that a really legit but in NIT include: Middle Tennessee State, Marshall, Weber State, Oral Roberts, LaSalle, St. Joseph’s, Denver, Akron, Wyoming, and Dayton.

One of my favorite annual traditions is to fill out the brackets. I always do a predictions bracket, but I also do a bracket of exactly what I’d like to see happen. In general you should know a few things:

1. I’m rooting for Creighton first and foremost as Clemson and St. John’s are not in the tourney this year

2. There are a series of teams I dislike in general even though they will unfortunately be winning many games. This includes Duke, UNC, UConn, and any team coached or previously coached by John Calipari. 

3. I love seeing upsets, so in this fun bracket I will have absurd ones and a lot of them.

So here it is! Click Below…

Fun Bracket 2012

Bracketology: March 6th, 2011

Posted in Bracketology, College Basketball on March 6, 2012 by sammywestside

#1: Kentucky, Syracuse, Kansas, UNC

#2: Duke, Michigan State, Ohio State, Missouri

#3: Marquette, Michigan, Indiana, Georgetown

#4: Baylor, Wisconsin, Murray State, Temple

#5: Wichita State, Florida State, UNLV, Florida

#6: Louisville, Creighton, Vanderbilt, St. Mary’s

#7: Notre Dame, New Mexico, Gonzaga, Iowa State

#8: San Diego State, Kansas State, Purdue, Virginia

#9: Alabama, St. Louis, Memphis, Southern Miss

#10: Cincinnati, West Virginia, UConn, Harvard

#11: California, Colorado State, BYU, Washington

#12: Xavier, Northwestern, Seton Hall, Miami FL, Mississippi St, Texas

#13: VCU, Long Beach State, Nevada, Belmont

#14: Montana, Akron, Davidson, South Dakota State

#15: Loyola-Maryland, Valpo, Bucknell, UT-Arlington

#16: Savannah State, Stony Brook, Miss Valley State, UNC Asheville, Long Island, North Texas

Last Four In: Seton Hall, Miami FL, Mississippi State, Northwestern

Last Six Out: South Florida, NC State, Iona, Drexel, Oregon, Tennessee


#1: South Florida, NC State, Iona, Drexel

#2: Oregon, Tennessee, St. Joseph’s, Arizona

#3: Dayton, Oral Roberts, Middle Tennessee State, Ole Miss

#4: UCF, Marshall, New Mexico State, Illinois

#5: Colorado, LSU, Arkansas, Weber State

#6: UMass, Northern Iowa, Ohio, George Mason

#7: Cleveland State, Buffalo, Minnesota, Pittsburgh

#8: LaSalle, Denver, Illinois State, Pennsylvania

CBI and CIT Prime Candidates:

Iowa, Oklahoma, TCU, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Richmond, St. Bonaventure, Duquesne, Indiana State, Missouri State, Evansville, Drake, Tulsa, UAB, Stanford, UCLA, Oregon State, Loyola Marymount, San Francisco, Utah State, Idaho, Butler, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Detroit, Yale, Princeton, Old Dominion, Georgia State, Delaware, Oakland, Kent State, Fairfield, Manhattan, Mercer, SC-Upstate, Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, Lehigh, American, Charleston, Coastal Carolina, Wagner, Robert Morris, UCSB

Bracketology: February 28th, 2012

Posted in Bracketology on February 28, 2012 by sammywestside

Thru the games of Monday February 27th…

#1: Kentucky, Syracuse, Kansas, North Carolina

#2: Duke, Michigan State, Ohio State, Missouri

#3: Marquette, Baylor, Georgetown, Michigan

#4: Wisconsin, Indiana, Wichita State, Florida

#5: Louisville, UNLV, Temple, Murray State

#6: Florida State, Vanderbilt, Gonzaga, New Mexico

#7: Notre Dame, Creighton, Virginia, St. Mary’s

#8: San Diego State, Kansas State, Iowa State, Southern Miss

#9: Memphis, Saint Louis, California, Purdue

#10: Alabama, Harvard, Connecticut, Seton Hall

#11: BYU, Washington, West Virginia, Northwestern

#12: Colorado State, Texas, Miami FL, Xavier, Cincinnati, Mississippi State

#13: Oral Roberts, Iona, Middle Tennessee State, Long Beach State

#14: Akron, Belmont, Nevada, Drexel

#15: Bucknell, Valparaiso, Weber State, Davidson

#16: UNC Asheville, Texas-Arlington, Long Island, Stony Brook, Mississippi Valley State, Savannah State

Last Four In:

Mississippi State, Cincinnati, Xavier, Texas

Last Six Out:

Arizona, NC State, St. Joseph’s, VCU, USF, Dayton

By Conference:

Big East-9

Big Ten-7

Big 12-6








Pac 12- 2

Bracketology February 20th, 2012

Posted in Bracketology on February 20, 2012 by sammywestside

This past weekend was bracket busters and it provided a lot of answers to our questions about many mid majors. Murray State claimed the biggest win of the day by beating St. Mary’s. Murray State showed me and everyone else in America that are weren’t fading and were totally a legit team. St. Mary’s is a very good team and both teams are now very solid for at-large bids. Creighton beat Long Beach State in Omaha at the buzzer and both teams showed us how they can really score. Both teams will need to improve defensively but they are both going to be very tough outs in the NCAA Tournament. Wichita State once again showed us why they are perhaps the best of the mid major ranks by beating Davidson on the road. New Mexico beat up UNLV in Albuquerque in front of an electric crowd. The Lobo’s are now ahead in the MWC and are moving up seed lines with their impressive play beating San Diego State this week on the road as well.

The Big Ten had a good chance to get as many as nine bids this year but Minnesota and Illinois are both struggling mightily in conference. Northwestern beat the Gophers this weekend and are now back in despite their lack of impressive wins. The bubble is pretty weak right now and its possible some of these marginal in conference teams will make it in.

#1- Syracuse, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina

#2- Duke, Kansas, Michigan Sttae, Ohio State

#3- Georgetown, Marquette, Michigan, Baylor

#4- Indiana, Wichita State, Florida, Florida State

#5- UNLV, Louisville, Temple, Wisconsin

#6- Murray State, New Mexico, Creighton, Vanderbilt

#7- Gonzaga, Virginia, St. Mary’s, Notre Dame

#8- San Diego State, Southern Mississippi, St. Louis, California

#9- Kansas State, Iowa State, West Virginia, Harvard

#10- Connecticut, Purdue, Alabama, BYU

#11- Memphis, Mississippi State, Seton Hall, Texas

#12- Miami FL, Xavier, Northwestern, NC State, Colorado State, Washington

#13- Oral Roberts, Iona, Middle Tennessee State, Long Beach State

#14- Drexel, Akron, Davidson, Nevada

#15- Weber State, Cleveland State, Bucknell, Belmont

#16- Vermont, UNC Asheville, Mississippi State State, Norfolk State, Texas-Arlington, Long Island

Last Four In:

Northwestern, NC State, Colorado State, Northwestern

Last Eight Out:

Arizona, South Florida, Cincinnati, Mississippi, St. Joseph’s, Illinois, Minnesota, Wyoming

By Conference:

Big East-8

Big 10-7


Big 12-6







Bracketology: February 14th, 2012

Posted in Bracketology on February 14, 2012 by sammywestside

It’s been a while since I got a copy of the Bracketology up. The tournament field is starting to separate from the pack and the bubble is actually much smaller than I expected at this point. The only real confusing thing to deal with is some teams with some very different results in their non-conference and conference schedules. The RPI’s of teams like Seton Hall, Cincinnati, and Washington are not very representative of their resume’s and have had incredibly inconsistent seasons. In the end I decided to keep some teams in but they are on very thin ice. Here are the seed lines for now and check back soon for an update.

#1- Kentucky, Syracuse, Ohio State, UNC

#2- Missouri, Baylor, Kansas, Duke

#3- Michigan State, Georgetown, Florida, Marquette

#4- UNLV, Florida State, Wisconsin, St. Mary’s

#5- Michigan, Indiana, Louisville, Creighton

#6- Murray State, San Diego State, Virginia, Wichita State

#7- Vanderbilt, Temple, Mississippi State, West Virginia

#8- Southern Miss, Gonzaga, Connecticut, Alabama

#9- Illinois, Kansas State, Memphis, Iowa State

#10- Notre Dame, Harvard, St. Louis, New Mexico

#11- California, Purdue, Minnesota, BYU

#12- Miami FL, Washington, NC State, Colorado State, Xavier, Seton Hall

#13- Iona, Oral Roberts, Long Beach State, Middle Tennessee State

#14- Davidson, Akron, Cleveland State, Nevada

#15- Weber State, Bucknell, VCU, Belmont

#16- Mississippi Valley State, Vermont, Norfolk State, Texas-Arlington, UNC-Asheville, Long Island

Last Four In-

Washington, Xavier, Seton Hall, Colorado State

Last Six Out-

Northwestern, Texas, Cincinnati, Arkansas, Arizona, Dayton

By Conference-

Big East-8

Big Ten-8



Big 12-5

MWC- 4



Pac 12-2



Latest College Baseball Tournament Projections (Bracketology)

Posted in Bracketology, College Baseball on May 22, 2011 by sammywestside

Its been an eventful week in College Baseball and today we’ve got the latest projections.

Right now the bubble is shrinking and the teams on it are most notably LSU, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, Kansas State, E Tennessee State, Jacksonville, Illinois State, Georgia, Florida Atlantic, and St. John’s. The good news is, most of these teams will make it if there aren’t too many conference tournament upsets. The most widely debated LSU Tigers are in for me right now, because of their strong finish and great OOC record. The Ole Miss Rebels are out after slipping at the end of the year and with a record not far above .500. Georgia is in trouble because they must win have a winning record in the SEC tournament this week, which seems unlikely given their bracket. For now, I have them out.

In terms of host sites, I see eight teams vying for 4 spots. They are Oklahoma, Clemson, TCU, Fresno State, Stetson, Southern Miss, Arkansas, and Cal State Fullerton. With a tough week for the Sooners, Hatters, Bulldogs, and Golden Eagles, today they have been bumped to #2 seeds in regions. A strong finish from any of these teams could put them in position to host, although the ability of the NCAA to make money at each of the sites is important as well. Arkansas, Clemson, Fresno State, and TCU have an advantage in that department.

With UNC’s sweep of #1 Virginia this weekend, the Tar Heels are in good shape for a national seed, while Florida State falls after they lose 2 of 3 to Clemson at home. Virginia maintains the top spot for now, but could easily lose it without an ACC crown this week.

Like last time, I will put the National seed bracket, followed by their pairing.

#1 Charlottesville Regional



East Carolina


Fayetteville Regional


Oklahoma State

SE Louisiana

Michigan State

#2 Columbia Regional

South Carolina

Florida International

NC State

Alcorn State

Tallahassee Regional

Florida State


Florida Atlantic

Stony Brook

#3 Nashville Regional


Miami FL

E. Tennessee State


Atlanta Regional

Georgia Tech



Stony Brook

#4 Gainesville Regional




Bethune Cookman

Clemson Regional


Southern Mississippi

Coastal Carolina


#5 Tempe Regional

Arizona State

Fresno State

Illinois State

Wright State

Fullerton Regional

Cal State Fullerton


Texas Tech

Kent State

#6 Chapel Hill Regional

North Carolina

Mississippi State



Houston Regional





#7 Austin Regional




Austin Peay

Fort Worth Regional



Texas State

Sacred Heart

#8 Corvalis Regional

Oregon State

UC Irvine

Kansas State


College Station Regional

Texas A&M



Oral Roberts

Last In-

E. Tennessee State

SE Louisana


Texas Tech

Kansas State

Illinois State


Last Out-

St. John’s


Georgia (by default)

Dallas Baptist

Bids by Conference

SEC- 8


Big 12-7

Pac Ten- 6


Sun Belt- 3

Atlantic Sun-3

Missouri Valley-2


Big West-2

Introducing…College Baseball Bracketology

Posted in Bracketology, College Baseball on May 16, 2011 by sammywestside

Over at 5 Borough Sports, we are pretty into College Baseball, so I thought I’d take a rare stab at College Baseball NCAA Tournament Projections. Very few people actually do this, so perhaps we’ll get ahead of the game and learn about it.

I have to say my interest in College Baseball has been much shorter lived than my College Basketball days, but this Bracket Projection does not come to you as a blind projection.

I did an extensive amount of research on how to put one of these brackets together and tried to obey all rules of College Baseball Brackets.

I will put the National Seed Brackets followed by their corresponding matchup for the Super Regional.

If you don’t understand the NCAA Baseball tournament, I’ll briefly explain…

You start with 16 sites with 4 teams at each for a total of 64.

At each site in the first round, the teams play a double elimination format to determine one winner from each site.

The next round you matchup the winners of two sites and play a best of three series, to narrow it to 8 teams.

Finally, the 8 teams go to Omaha for the College World Series. There they are broken into two separate groups of 4, who then play another double elimination tournament to get down to 2 teams remaining. Those two play a best of 3 for the National Title.

This year the National Seeds (the top 8 teams in the country) look to be pretty set already, although we could see some changes.

Hosts of the next round could flux over the next two weeks, as today I moved Clemson and Oklahoma up to host, and Southern Miss and Stetson down as they had a couple rough weeks. I still think they could change back, and these teams will determine their outcomes with they finish over the final two weeks.

On the bubble moved Ole Miss, Tulane, and SE Louisiana onto the right side, while keeping out Texas Tech, LSU and Jacksonville amongst others. LSU is the most strange team in the country, as they have dominated out of conference competition, but struggled mightily in conference. I think they have a real good chance but must win their series with Mississippi State this weekend and hope they can make the SEC tournament.

Look for more college baseball coverage over the coming weeks, including a look at the new home of the College World Series, TD Ameritrade Park Omaha.

Anyway, here is the trial run at College Baseball Bracketology, hope you enjoy.

Click Below for 5BS’ first College Baseball Bracketology:

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Well That Didn’t Go Well…

Posted in Bracketology, College Basketball on March 18, 2011 by EAST SIDE RYNO

I Won't Pick Against This Guy Ever Again

Wow! My bracket sucks. Never had a first round where I had NO upsets correct. Plus I should’ve went with Moorehead State since it’s Phil Simms’ alma mater and they have the next Dennis Rodman. Princeton almost proved my seniors > freshman theory. Oakland didn’t show any Rochester, Michigan pride. Plus Utah St. and Belmont got crushed. So it now my bracket is butchered and it’s not even the Second Round yet. On the bright side, I’ve only lost one elite eight team so far (Louisville) plus Notre Dame and BYU still have a chance to get hot in the tourney.

Here are some of the buzzer beaters from this March Madness (including some Conference Tournament games).

Quick Reaction to the NCAA Tournament Field

Posted in Bracketology, College Basketball, St. John's on March 13, 2011 by sammywestside

Wow, that’s all I can say…what a joke. The selection committee has never done a worse job with the field of teams.

Obviously we are all going nuts over UAB and VCU, which is completely validated, but it doesn’t end there.

The seeds are terrible, matchups are wrong. I could have put together a better field waking up from hibernation at 5:50pm this afternoon. Complete failure on all accounts.

Lets start at the top.

I don’t have a problem with the 1 seeds, that’s fine. Notre Dame, San Diego State, UNC all as two’s are good too.

Florida shouldn’t be 2. If they won the SEC tournament today I might have thought about it, but still no.

UConn should have grabbed it, or maybe someone else.

Next lets look at Georgia. 10 seed, what? They were right on the edge, perhaps no more than a 50-50 team getting in the field and they are now a 10 seed? No sir.

Why the hell is UConn a 3 and Cincinnati a 6 in the same region. Yeah I know there 11 Big East teams, but still no one should face off in the second round. That’s terrible.

Richmond and Utah State honestly deserved better seeds, 12’s aren’t very good for those two, who would have made it anyway without an automatic berth.

I hate first round matchups between two mid majors. No one wants to watch that. Give them both a shot at a big conference team. Butler vs. Old Dominion is stupid, and Butler doesn’t deserve an 8 seed. ODU probably deserves better.

Kansas State had a nice late run, but a 5 seed? No, especially losing to Colorado three times (who didn’t make it, but of course we know that problem). How do you value Kansas State high, and Colorado low?

OK the biggest snubs…

1) Colorado

2) Virginia Tech

3) Alabama

4) Boston College

5) St. Mary’s

Biggest What the Hell are you doing here:

1) UAB

2) VCU

3) USC