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Definitely Deserved It…

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This is a prime example of why athletes should act like they’ve been there. Congrats Kendry Morales. You are our new Bill Gramatica.

So I Guess I Was Right.

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(Yahoo Sports): Umpire Joe West has been drawing plenty of attention to himself for a long time and Major League Baseball is apparently planning to suspend or fine West in the near future, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan. His transgression? West has reportedly been trying to get reporters to talk to him about something Major League Baseball wants everybody to forget about: when he called the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox “pathetic and embarrassing” because of their long game times. West also wants to talk to reporters about ejecting Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and pitcher Mark Buerhle. MLB apparently gave West a tongue-lashing over the phone yesterday and is supposedly trying to figure out with the World Umpires Association, which West presides over, on just what punishment he can be given.

Did I call this one or what? This dude is an attention whore. I’ve always said that I hate people who think they are bigger than the game. Joe West thinks he controls Major League Baseball. He is literally the only umpire that somehow makes it into the papers. I can’t believe it took the MLB this long to figure out that this guy calls games for self-recognition. Now I’m not a big fan of Ozzie Guillen, but he’s not at fault in this situation. I would be ticked off if I was undeservingly ejected by a guy who’s throwing out just for post-game attention. I have never seen any other umpire be a part of a post-game press conference except for this quadruple chin. Maybe West can leave the game for a while and let the game be the center of attention, and not the fucking umpires.

Not Sure If Anyone Noticed, But Erin Andrews is Absolute Smoke on DWTS

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Rough Life

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Marcus Thames…enough said.

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Watch it before it’s taken down by the MLB.

Wake Up.

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Speechless. Just another reason why men and women shouldn’t compete in any sports together. This dude is actually trying to win. This chick (if you actually believe it’s a girl) is fuck’n lollygagging around the track. Take shit seriously for once.

Chris Broussard Can Go Fuck Himself

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This guy is the definition of a true douche bag. Just read an article he wrote last week about why New York isn’t a basketball town. He then continued to bash New York and our fans as a whole. He said LeBron wouldn’t be happy in New York because he wouldn’t have the team to win a championship. He also claimed that New York has never been a basketball town because the Knicks were never good. Broussard wrote, “The Knicks were horrible in the 80’s, Michael Jordan’s punching bag in 90’s, and an embarrassment in the 2000’s.” Hey fucker, what about the 70’s? What about ’94 and ’99? Forgot about those years? After reading this, I obviously knew that this guy didn’t grow in New York, so I did a little background check. Looks like Chris is from the fantastic city of CLEVELAND! Listen dickface, don’t hate on New York when you are from a city who hasn’t won a single championship in your lifetime. You haven’t even sniffed a championship in any sport you fuck’n pussy. Today on Sportcenter, you said that you believe King James is staying with the Cavs. You think LeBron wants to stay in Cleveland? Hell no!! Stop being a biased Cleveland loser douche fan and do your fucking job. LeBron is coming to either the Knicks or the Nets because he wants to come to a championship city. Btw, where the fuck did Chris Broussard come from? Never saw him before this postseason. Get this c*nt muscle off the air before I throw my remote through the television. Hey Chris, you love Cleveland so much? This video makes it look like an awesome place to live.