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Gossip Girl Returns Next Week

Posted in Misc. on February 28, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

I don’t care if you think I’m a little b*tch for watching this show. It’s pretty freakin’ good. Any show with Hilary Duff making out with another chick is definitely fun to watch. Plus Blake Lively and Leighton Meester are absolute smokeshows. Season 3 returns next week on The CW. Get ready…

Putting Hockey Back On The Map…

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One of the greatest hockey games I’ve ever seen. I have to admit, this was the first time I was pulling hard for the U.S. I was wrong about them. They were tough and had a ton of heart. Ryan Miller absolutely played out of his mind and deserved the MVP.  I feel happy for Canada. Let’s face it- we would annihilate them in baseball, basketball, and football. Let’s just give them hockey. This match was important for this sport. Since the lockout of 2004-2005, its popularity in this country has plummeted. Hockey needed a moment to capture America, just like the Miracle of 1980. Tonight’s game gave us that moment. Hopefully, the NHL can maintain some Olympic momentum and carry it into this season’s second half. Btw, turn on NBC if you’re reading this. This closing ceremony is emotionally awesome.

What the Hell Is “ANSKY?”

Posted in Yankees on February 26, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

Here are some awesome Yankee commercials from back in the late 90’s. They don’t make them like these anymore…

#11: (1999) Team Of The Century

Posted in 5BS Greatest Sports Moments (since 1990), Yankees on February 26, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

Heading into the 1999 World Series, many wondered who would be crowned the “Team of the 90’s.” The Atlanta Braves were the greatest team in baseball in the early part of the decade, winning the NL East every season but 1990. The Braves also won the 1995 World Series to boost their impressive resume of the 1990’s. In the second half of the decade, however, the Yankees took the crown of the best team in the MLB. With two World Series titles in 1996 (against the Braves) and 1998, the Yanks were making a strong argument that they should be the 90’s best team. The Bombers also made the playoffs from 95-98 with 1998 being a dream season with 114 victories. For the final fall classic of the 90’s, it was certainly appropriate for these two teams to battle once again.

In Atlanta, it seemed that the Braves were going to cruise to a Game 1 victory with a Chipper Jones home run in the 4th inning. However, Yankee starter, Orlando Hernandez made sure that was the only run for the Braves and gave the offense a chance to win. In the 8th, the Yanks finally got to Maddux. With bases-loaded and nobody out, Atlanta brought in lefty-killer John Rocker to face Paul O’Neill. But the warrior battled and drove in two runs to open the flood gates. With a Game 1 victory, the Yankees set the stage to end this series quickly. With a hitting frenzy and a David Cone gem, the Yanks were heading home up 2-0. Game 3 is what made this series memorable. Despite his playoff dominance, Pettitte didn’t have it that night and the Braves took a quick 5-1 lead. The Yankees were able to cut it to 5-2 with a Tino Martinez home run, but Glavine was seemingly unhittable. It wasn’t till the 8th when Yankee magic appeared once again. With runners on first and second, Chuck Knoblauch hit an opposite field home run to tie the game. In the 10th inning, the game officially became a classic. Chad Curtis, the unspoken hero, hit a walk-off bomb to left-field to set the stage for a sweep. In Game 4, Roge Clemens officially became a Yankee. His 6 inning dominating performance allowed the Yankees to take a 3-0 lead into the 8th inning. When the Braves threatened in the top of the 8th, it was time for Mariano Rivera to end the series. While sitting in the Loge Level at Game 4, I have to admit that Yankee Stadium was the loudest I’ve ever heard when Mariano came in from the bullpen than the final out. With “Enter Sandman” blasting, everyone knew the series was over. Appropriately, the final out was a fly ball to Chad Curtis. The Yankees had become “…Team of the Decade…Team of the Century…the most successful franchise in sports.”

I Love This Show…

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Been watching Entourage lately. I have loved this show since its first episode in July of 2004. Season 7 starts this summer. Here’s a clip of the best of Ari Gold. Enjoy.


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Spring Training began last week and I’m starting to get pumped for Opening Day. While teams are playing with grapefruits and cactuses, I will post my 2010 predictions for each division. Here is the AL East Preview:

1. Yankees (101-61)

2. Boston (94-68)

3. Tampa Bay (85-77)

4. Baltimore (79-82)

5. Toronto (64-98)

BIGGEST SURPRISE: The big surprise in the AL East this season will be the Baltimore Orioles. This team has a potential superstar behind the plate in Matt Wieters. Plus, this outfield is explosive at the plate and on the field. Nick Markakis is one of the most underrated players in baseball. Adam Jones has the ability to be one of the best centerfielders in the game. Left-fielder Nate Reinold has the ability to have big power numbers and can be dangerous in the middle part of this young lineup. The big weakness for the O’s is the extremely young starting rotation. Kevin Millwood is a proven veteran who can win 10+ games this season. However, Jeremy Guthrie has been very inconsistent throughout the years. Third starter Brian Matusz is one of their top prospects with a golden left arm, but he has only two months of Major League experience. He will certainly take his lumps throughout this season.

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: The Blue Jays, hands down. Without Halladay, this staff is awful. Ricky Romero is going to be the ace?!? Really? Plus with the exception of Adam Lind and Aaron Hill, this lineup might be the worst in the Bigs. Travis Snyder has a bright career ahead of him, but he won’t be a savior for the Jays this season. I think I’m actually being generous not having them lose 100+ games.

BEST TEAM: You know.


New York: Curtis Granderson, OF

Boston: Adrien Beltre, 3B

Tampa Bay: David Price, LHP

Baltimore: Matt Wieters, C

Toronto: Travis Snyder, OF

DIVISION MVP: Mark Teixeira, NYY

#12: (1999) “Off the front rim…AND IN!”

Posted in 5BS Greatest Sports Moments (since 1990), Knicks on February 25, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

Hands down, one of the biggest plays in New York sports history. The 1999-2000 Knicks finished the lockout-shortened season with a mediocre 27-23 record barely finishing in 8th place in the Eastern Conference. Their first round opponent- the hated #1 seed, the Miami Heat. After a phenomenal season, the Heat were looking to blow past the East and reach the finals with no speed bumps. With the series tied at 2-2, the Knicks headed to Miami needing one more game to be the only the second #8-seed to advance to the second round. After the Knicks jumped out to a 20-point lead in the first half of the decisive Game 5, the Heat stormed back to jump ahead by one with 4.5 seconds left to play. It was then when Allen Houston put up one final shot to save the Knicks’ season…and the rest was history: