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5 Borough Sports Is Back

Posted in Misc. on February 18, 2014 by EAST SIDE RYNO
2014-01-25 17.27.02

Bought a 2002 Jason Sehorn figurine in Hawaii…why not?

So after an eleven month hiatus, 5 Borough Sports is back. I gotta admit, the site looks pretty depressing with the 2013 Yankee Preview as the last post written. It’s time for 5BS to be done the right way. No one gives a shit about typical sports analysis. You can find that everywhere on the internet. On this site, I will post whatever I want about sports. I am a die-hard sports fan from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, so there will a ton of posts about my four favorite professional New York teams – Yankees, Giants, Islanders and Knicks.

I am also a crazy fan of my alma mater, Wake Forest, so don’t be surprised if I throw in some Demon Deacon sports to the blog. Growing up in New York, it’s hard to have a college sports team granted the closest Division 1A school was Rutgers. But my father graduated from the great Fordham University in the Bronx, so I grew up a Fordham fan.

Looking back at the site, I realized I never finished my New York sports rivalries countdown. Look for that in the near future along with many other countdowns. Sammywestside will make his return to 5BS  for March Madness and other random sports stuff in a few weeks. This summer, 5BS television will return to the site.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 5.20.14 PM

“Sammywestside” (right) during an episode of 5BS Television from 2011. Westide will return to 5BS in a few weeks for some March Madness talk

So there you have it – the blog about Yankees, Giants, Islanders, Knicks, Wake Forest, and Fordham…Welcome back to 5 Borough Sports.

Ohio State Gets Another Break From the NCAA

Posted in College Football, Misc., Not in New York on March 9, 2011 by sammywestside

Jim Tressel: I will break the rules in order to win

This is now a joke. First the NCAA suspends the players for five games next year. Ok, maybe a fair length of suspension, but why the hell did they play in the Sugar Bowl?

Its because all the NCAA cares about is money. Not the money that changes hands of boosters, coaches, and players, but the money they make from it all.

Cam Newton shouldn’t have played, and Terrell Pryor shouldn’t have played the Sugar Bowl along with his other teammates that broke the rules.

The NCAA is inconsistent. That’s the facts. They punched USC in the face, deservedly but now are giving breaks to Auburn (and probably alot of other SEC teams in that case) and Ohio State because they are in the spotlight with these great teams. Its completely possible that Ohio State will make it through the first five games next year undefeated anyway, exactly what the NCAA wanted.

Now, Jim Tressel is in on it and two games and a fine. No. If I were an Ohio State Alumnus, or if Jim Tressel was the coach of my school, I’d fire him on the spot. This isn’t just fun and games Jimmy.

I will be working in College Athletics for the rest of my life most likely, and when I’m in higher roles of authority I’m going to make it a point to get these kind of sleezeballs. Tressel did more than just cover this up, I’m sure of it. Everybody makes mistakes, but if you’re covering up this then you’re willing to cover up more.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you Jim Tressel and Ohio State should get the death penalty or something, but these guys are just another example of how the NCAA is spineless right now.

Although I think Rodger Goodell and David Stern have gone a bit too far, they have done alot of good in cleaning up the NFL and NBA. Someone like these guys need to step up and take over the NCAA before all the cheating gets worse.

Here’s a video from Jimmy’s press conference back in December, when he didn’t know anything 😉

Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2011

Posted in Misc. on February 9, 2011 by sammywestside

After my counterpart’s shout out of the week for the Detroit car commercial, I thought I’d give you a look at what I thought were some of the better commercials of the 2011 Super Bowl. Most were funny, or just good in my opinion.

This first one is probably the most talked about of all the commercials. I thought it was a good creative commercial, that was funny too.

This was one of the funnier commercials this year, bud light always does a good job and this is no exception. It combines two of my favorite things in the world, beer and dogs. All I know is I need some of those dogs for my next party.

This was my favorite sentimental commercial. A tribute to the NFL and the passion of its fans. It includes so many familiar tv shows that we don’t realize had all these great NFL moments.

Good news about this one, they make fun of Justin Bieber. Bad News, Justin Bieber is in it.

You can never go wrong with the e-trade baby, and this one is pretty good, I like the end of it where the baby reaches over to the tailor. Creative.

Name a song you’ve sung drunk at a bar…Tiny Dancer is one of the most common answers…a true classic song, and they use it to get the laugh from your own experiences. Solid commercial.

I thought this was one of the funniest commercials of the night. Another laugh from what people have experienced in their lives. I would like to say though, that not every guy in the world is that shallow, and I hope not every woman is thinking that quickly.

I hope you enjoyed my wrap up of Super Bowl Commercials and feel free to add your comments and suggest maybe a few I didn’t mention you thought were good.

Jo Just Speaking His Mind…

Posted in Misc. on April 21, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

Joakim Noah on (city of) Cleveland: “There is nothing going on. It’s bad, man…Cleveland really sucks.”

Nothin’ like a dude who has no filter in press conferences. Hey, if they guy wants to talk sh*t about Cleveland, let him. Face it, Jo grew up in the greatest city in the world and attended the greatest high school of all time. No wonder he thinks Cleveland sucks. It’s funny that these comments have done nothing to do with the Bulls’ series against the Cavs. This is just Joakim speaking his mind. He’s not trying to spark a rivalry with the Cavs or even get LeBron pissed off (which he has done many times on the court). He just wants people to know that he doesn’t like the city of Cleveland. And to be honest, the guy has a point. Jacobs Field is alright and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pretty sweet. But what else is there?


Posted in Misc. on April 8, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

What’s with the giggling after the play? Real competitive. Just to let everyone know, this right here isn’t basketball. This is a game of girls running around like a bunch of morons. Girls tripping girls on their own team? This should be f*ckn illegal in this country. Play the game right or get the f*ck out. I’m actually gonna go out on a limb here and say this chick tripped this other chick just so this could video could get hits on youtube. Real classy. Get a life.

Worst First Pitch All-Time?

Posted in Misc. on April 6, 2010 by EAST SIDE RYNO

First of all, he balked like three times. Really dude? Just come to a complete stop my man. This pitch seriously was a huge let down. I seriously thought this guy was a true athlete. When the lefty walked out, I thought he might bring some smoke. Two days ago, Obama beat Clark Kellogg in a game of HORSE! I wouldn’t call this the worst first pitch of all-time, but I would say this is the most disappointing. When you see Mariah Carey or other non-athletes walking out there, you’re not exactly expecting a two-seamer on the black. But when we have arguably the most athletic president of all-time, I’m looking for some heat.

Here are some of the worst first-pitches of all time:

COM 213 Dan Interview #1

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Road Trip 2005: Part 1

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Road Trip 2005: Part 2

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COM 212 Contact Sheets

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