When Was the Last Time the Yanks were 0-3?? Oh yeah, that’s right…in 1998

So apparently everyone thinks the season is over since the Yanks got manhandled against the Rays this weekend. I can already hear it on 660 The Fan tomorrow, “They’re too old…Kuroda can’t pitch in New York…Girardi can’t manage…Rivera is done…” Now I totally understand why people overreact during the first week of the season. We’re all still in football mode where a three game losing streak could potentially ruin a season. Plus, the last time we all watched baseball was in October during a five game playoff series. So let’s all take a step back and breathe while I drop some knowledge.

The 1998 Yankees started the season 0-3...they went on to have the best single-season record in MLB history

The last time the Yankees began the season 0-3 was in 1998. Yes, the same year the Yanks won an American League record 114 games. I still remember that first series at Anaheim that season. It was very similar to this past series against Tampa Bay – the offense was unproductive while their top two starters had less than stellar starts. The Yanks would go on to drop to 1-4 that season and there was great concern Joe Torre was going to lose his job if they didn’t turn it around. In the sixth game of the season, the Yankees blew out Seattle at the Kingdome and they never looked back.

So why can’t the same thing happen this year? The pitching is there, the offense is electric, and the bullpen should be stellar. Rivera had one bad outing, it’s going to happen. He’s old, but he still has the stuff to be the best closer in the game this season. A-Rod has already shown he’s in better shape than last year. Teixeira will have his usual 30+ homers and 100+ RBI. Jeter looks like he’ll be perfectly fine in the leadoff spot. Granderson will continue to drop bombs and play a phenomenal center field. This team has depth offensively and on the mound. Mark my words – they will win the division. Now let’s just forget about this weekend and move on to the next series. The Yanks take on the Orioles for a three game series starting tomorrow night.

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