Nabokov Decides Not to Report to the Islanders; Thinks He’s Patrick Roy

UNIONDALE, N.Y. – Evgeni Nabokov’s return to the NHL is on hold. The New York Islanders claimed the veteran goaltender off waivers from the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday, but Nabokov is unwilling to report to the team, a source told The Canadian Press. Nabokov signed a one-year contract with the Red Wings on Friday, but had to pass through waivers because he started the season playing in the Russian-based KHL. The unexpected detour to an Islanders team that began Saturday with the third fewest points in the NHL has apparently changed his plans, and comes as a surprise to general manager Garth Snow.

Wow! Is Nabokov really this dumb? Listen, I get it that the Islanders are one of the worst teams in the league, but he has no choice to play anywhere else. Did Nabokov really think he was better than the NHL and just sign with whoever he wanted to? Did he even know about the waiver claim? What’s so wrong with playing half a season and get paid a million bucks to play in the NHL? That definitely sounds a lot better than sitting at home for the next five months. Not only is Nabokov giving the finger to the Islanders, he’s completely disrespecting the league. Play by the rules, or stay in Russia.

Nabokov is pretty much telling the Islanders that he’s too good for them. Hate to break it to Evgeni, but he wouldn’t even be a top 15 goaltender this season in the NHL. He had an awful .888 save percentage and 3.02 goals-against average in Russia’s KHL this year. If I had stats like those in a lesser league than the NHL, I would shut my mouth and play. Have fun being the laughing stock of the NHL this year Evgeni. Have fun trying to get multi-year contract next year.

Btw, is Nabokov’s agent this much of a moron? Maybe if his agent had some knowledge of how stuff works in the NHL, his client wouldn’t be in this situation.

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