St. John’s chokes away game and possibly their season


Its been a rough Saturday for me. I’ve spent my entire day watching College Basketball, which is what I love. Bad News, every game is going the opposite I want it to. It couldn’t have been more evident in St. John’s-Cincinnati game that just ended.

Forget the fact that Cincinnati led most of the game, all you need to know is St. John’s was 12-26 from the free throw line. That wasn’t the worst part, they could have put it away after taking the lead under a minute to go, but instead finished 3-9 at the line in the last few minutes of the game. What is it? Inexcusable!

St. John’s had a chance to move to 5-4 in Big East play with another solid win over a now 17-3 Cincinnati team. I knew St. John’s could and should win this game coming in because Cincinnati is 100% overrated. 17-3 my ***, they have beaten nobody! Their best win is now St. John’s, but previously I couldn’t quite find a good one, maybe Xavier (who isn’t very good this year) at home?

The rest of the season looks bleak for the Johnnies now. Maybe five wins are left out there in the competitive Big East, which would give them a 17-13 record overall, reeks of NIT (at best) again.

Here’s the box score to see the atrocity for yourself…

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