Superman to NJ?

Dwight Howard is one of the marquis big men in basketball. He is on a short list of dominant centers in the NBA today and quite frankly, might just be the best. Young, big, strong, freakish athleticism, charisma, Dwight has everything the Nets need and so much more. This  trade is a no-brainer for the Nets and let me tell you why. Sure, I love Brooke Lopez just as much as the next Nets fan. He is home grown and we’ve watched him develop since his rookie year only a short few years ago. But guess what Nets fans, he is nowhere near the player Dwight is. And that is saying something since Lopez is basically on the door steps of being a perennial All-Star. So yea we give up Brooke and 2 1st rounders. So what!?!? You have no idea who those first rounders will even be or if they will even be lottery picks.

The worst part about this trade, in my eyes, for the Nets, would be taking on the contract of  Hedo Turkoglu. This would put the nets front office fairly close to the cap with Deron Williams, Dwight, and  Hedo if Dwight and Deron were to resign next year. But it’s a risk you have to take! I don’t believe that Deron is a lock to stay for the move to Brooklyn as is but if we continue to show him they we want a winner, I can’t think of a better way to do that then by sending a message to the entire NBA that the Nets are for real then for trading for Dwight Howard. Sure they won’t have a lot of cap maneuverability but they have some other pieces on this roster as is. Anthony Morrow would blossom with Dwight’s present as he would draw countless double teams in the box leaving Morrow open. Little known fact is that Morrow had the highest three point percentage in the league last year. Howard’s presence would only increase that number. A wing and a PF would obviously be our two big needs and that can be taken care of in free agency or the draft. This would be a HUGE step in the rebuliding process for this organization and I really hope the Nets can find a way to pull the trigger.

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