Ranges vs Hurricanes


When: Tonight 7 PM 

Where: RBC Center

Red Hot: The Rangers this season have exceed expectations throughout the National Hockey League.  They have the best home record and are in 4th place with 3 less games played then most other teams.  The rangers have been able to find chemistry early.  This is the best start the rangers have gotten off to in recent years.  They have numerous lines playing well and are getting solid goaltending from both  and Lundqvist.  With a quarter of the season done, as a fan i could not ask more.  They have dominated when playing at the garden and they are finding their game on the road.  By becoming dominate at the Garden the Rangers instill fear to visiting opponents the moment the puck is dropped.  This is the first season the rangers have been able to bring that element.

Emergence of Hagelin: When the Rangers called up carl hagelin who knew that he would provide instant offense.  He might be one of the fastest players in the game and is playing with confidence.  Us as fans are spoiled right now because it seems everyone youngster the Rangers call up is ready to play and looks as if the sky is the limit.

Streaking: This ranger team is very streaky.  We saw them go on a 8 game win streak followed by a 2 game losing streak.  As of now they are on another 3 game winning streak and just beat the best team in the nhl in the penguins.  Even without our best defender the Rangers are playing well defensively.  This team has to grow together for a championship but the wheels are in motion.

Prediction: After coming a big win against the crosbies.  The rangers must not take anything for granted.  The season is still young and wins are crucial .  Biron has played in a while so he might be rusty but the offense has to step up and dominate.  The powerplay has been strong and it has to continue tonight.  Gaborik played his best game of the season against the penguins and maybe this will be the start of something special for him.

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