Who Said Grand Can’t Hit Lefties?!?! That’s What I’m Talkin About!!!

If this was the mid-2000s Yankees, this series would’ve been over. After Sabathia gave up three runs in the first three innings, I was hoping this wasn’t ’05, ’06, ’07 all over again. Those teams would’ve backed down, let Minnesota keep the momentum and lose 8-1. This team showed fire. When Liriano faced our lineup for the third time, the Yanks finally made adjustments. Coming into the game, I knew Liriano was definitely beatable. We’ve been able to handle him his entire career. Nothing made me happier than seeing Granderson drive in two with his sixth inning triple. The main concern about Grand when we traded for him was his sub .200 average against left-handers. Throw that out the window! He crushed that ball! This shows that it doesn’t matter about the numbers when the postseason begins. Granderson came through. End of story. And how bout Teixeira!! Give me that inside fastball! Tex is fuckn phenomenal. He never gives away at-bats. Ever. And all the concern about Mariano’s blown saves in September we can forget about. Bad call by the ump in the ninth?? No big deal. I’ll get a four out save! If that was the Cubs, they would’ve cried about that blown call and Thome would’ve tied the game up with a bomb. Winners don’t complain about bad calls. They just adjust. Let’s take another one tonight and send this series back to New York up 2-0.

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