You Gotta Be Smiling, You Gotta Be Dancin’, You Gotta Be Shakin’ That Ass!!

Andy Fuck’n Pettitte. The definition of a postseason pitcher. The dude is hurt for almost half the regular season. He returns in mid-September and pitches with some groin problems. But when October comes around, the guy dominates. Last night, he was absolutely dominant, and I don’t mean Tim Lincecum 14 K dominant. I mean dominant in the way he controlled the game. Whenever the Yankees scored, Pettitte would shut down the Twins the very next inning. He always kept the momentum on our side of the field. Even when he gave up the home run to Orlando Hudson, no one panicked. The game was tied, but everyone, including Minnesota fans, knew that wasn’t going to last. Not with Pavano on the mound. For what he did in New York, that guy will NEVER beat the Yankees.

One of the highlights of the night was the blown call in the 7th. Was the pitch a strike? Yes. But guess what? That’s part of the game Carl. If you let something like that get to your head, you can’t beat the Yankees. This game was over once Pavano showed up the umpire after that pitch. I have to be honest. I thought the Twins were tougher than this. It looks like they’re looking for reasons to complain about how the Yanks always beat them. Guess what Carl? Mariano had to get four outs two night ago. Did he complain? No. That’s because he know he’s going to get Thome out on the next pitch. What do you do? Put a fastball right in Berkman’s wheel house and give up a crucial double. That’s the game right there.

I also want to give some kudos to Brian Cashman. How bout them trades?!?! Granderson: 3-4 with a double and an RBI. Berkman: 2-4 with a double, home run and 2 RBI. Kerry Wood: 1 IP, no hits, 2 strikeouts. I’m gonna go ahead and say that those moves are working out. In August, Berkman was hitting under .100 and headed straight to the DL. I was pretty pissed about the deal. But this goes to show us that perfoming in the postseason lets all the regular season problems disappear. Granderson hit under .250 in the regular season. Who cares?? He’s raking in the postseason so no one can complain about the Granderson-Jackson trade anymore. Series heads to New York Saturday at 6:30pm. Let’s end this series NOW.

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