Series at Fenway…Oh, We’ll Have Fun!

Another series at Fenway??? This is gonna be great! For the past seven years, I have dreaded when the Yanks had to go up to Boston. The Red Sox always came ready to play (minus the Boston massacre of ’06) and the Yanks routinely sh*t the bed. This season, the Yanks are unstoppable…and the Sox absolutely blow. The Yankees need to sweep this series and make a statement. They need to put this rivalry to rest quickly. Once the Sox are down for the count, the Yanks can focus on the more dangerous Rays.

Btw, a little worried about Pettitte. Whenever a 37 year old goes down with an elbow injury, it’s never good. Vazquez better get it together soon. We’re going to need him.

3 Responses to “Series at Fenway…Oh, We’ll Have Fun!”

  1. Dear 5 Borough Sports Dude-

    Yanks look good but…unstoppable? The Angels almost always stop them. The Red Sox get right back in this with a good weekend. I have tried my best to defend it but the Vasquez thing was a major mistake. He is, in fact, sadly, the late Ed Whitson. He is already a mess. They’ll screw with him and he’ll get worse. Pettite is a worry and that appears to be one shaky bullpen. Posada is still a hitter but he’s an old, old catcher. Cervelli? A paisan, so I root for him. But he ain’t JOrge. ON the upside…Hughes looks fantastic. Jeter is Jeter. Swisher is one tough hombre. A-Hole is A-Hole. Cano is the best 2nd baseman in the league. The NYY have lots of dough to fix mistakes. Should be a great season but I’m really afraid it’s the wild card for the NYY. The Rays are totally good and totally young. They will, however, lose to the NYY in the ALCS and then the Phils will win the rings. Hope I’m wrong.
    Phils win the WS.

  2. VanillaICE Says:

    Da Goalie!!!!!

    Where is Sobotka Angel Squad?

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