Was the Tasering Justified or Excessive?

Philadelphia, PAMy FoxPhilly repots that A 17-year-old Phillies fan rushed Citizens Bank Park field Monday night as the Phillies were on the field playing against the St. Louis Cardinals who were up to bat. In response, Philadelphia Police used a Taser on the young man in front of the 40,000 crowd members. Police are reviewing the case to see if it was an appropriate use of force. “The teen, wearing a red Phillies National League Champions T-shirt and khaki shorts, was running around the outfield waving a white towel and eluding security. A uniformed officer pointed the Taser at him, fired and didn’t miss, taking the boy down face-first, like the way Pete Rose used to slide,” Fox 29’s Steve Keeley reported.

JUSTIFIED! This dude should get at least 30 days in jail plus a life-time ban at all Major League Baseball games. They think being tasered was excessive?? I think they should’ve shot him. Not to kill him, but to make sure he learned a lesson. What if he was dangerous and tried to stab Ryan Howard or something? The minute a guy runs on the field, there should be one immediate gunshot to the shoulder and then an arrest. I know a lot of people think it’s funny when a guy runs on the field and gets chased by overweight cops. I don’t. Stay off the f*ckn field. There’s a game going on. Stop being such an attention whore and get the f*ck out of the stadium for good. Hopefully this guy will get some jail time. He looks like a total douche. 

3 Responses to “Was the Tasering Justified or Excessive?”

  1. bellarmine Says:

    If it were anywhere else but Philly I would think it was an over reaction. But in Philly I think it’s impossible to over react when trying to control their fans. Who knows he might have been wearing an Eagles T-Shirt underneath that Phillies shirt. That’s a felony in most stadiums.

  2. rebel yell Says:

    This is the most ridiculous opinion i have ever read… 30 days in jail? Shot? I think having 70,000 volts of electricity surging though your body is a pretty good message. Try sticking your finger in an electrical outlet and telling me how a couple hundred feel.

  3. Jelsey Kones Says:

    No way dude he was such a rebel going out there on the field like that! I thought it was sooooo hot that he said fuck the rules and just fucking ran! I can’t believe they actually used such cruelty against him actually wait I can because it is just another way a capitalist society keeps us down and limits our freedom of expression. I mean seriously just look at all that green grass it makes me just want to run and get high!


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