Am I a Traitor for Supporting Team Russia?

PN: Russia is gonna choke you traitor!

5BS: Hell no! They’re gonna win this game. Too good to lose!

PN: Miracle is a good movie – you should watch it sometime!!!

5BS: One of my favorites dude. Trust me if USA was a bunch of college kids, I would be all over them. But this is the NHL

PN: They are still the USSR to me! Damn Communists.

5BS: You mean the CCCP! How can you root against a team with Ovechkin, Malkin, and Datsyuk on the same line?

PN:¬† Because the name on the front is a whole helluva lot more important than the one on the back…My name is Eruzione…I play for the United States of America.

5BS: Good call. But that was before pros were involved. Put the best college players on team USA and im all about it.

Currently I’m in the middle of a conversation with my good friend P*** N**** and he seems to think I’m a traitor for cheering Russia in Olympic hockey. For the past week, I’ve heard harsh words such as Communist, traitor, and front-runner used for my Russian support. First of all, if I was a front-runner I would be pulling for Canada. They are projected to win it all, end of story. Second, my hockey support has NOTHING to do with my political views. Russia is a country with a history of having a bunch of political scumbags. As for being a traitor, I’m rooting for the US in EVERYTHING but hockey. With that being said, I’ll end this statement with…

“Glory to our great Motherland, mighty and free,

Bulwark of people, in brotherhood strong.

Oh! Party of Lenin! The strength of the people.

To Communism’s triumph lead us on!”

4 Responses to “Am I a Traitor for Supporting Team Russia?”

  1. PN makes good points….
    I’m boycotting FBS and citing Communism as my reason

  2. vanilla ice is making some strong points 5BS is creating some controversy and i dig it

  3. bellarmine Says:

    Guys, they’re not communists anymore. They like oil and money – just like us.

  4. whenever i think of Russia today i think about mail order brides and Xctacy rave clubs, and hot accents. fuck the hockey

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