It’s A Done Deal.

The Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings and New York Knicks have reached agreement on a three-team trade that sends Tracy McGrady to New York. The Rockets had struck a deal with the Kings late Wednesday to acquire Kevin Martin, but expanded the trade to include the Knicks at the urging of McGrady’s agent Arn Tellem. The completed trade will send McGrady and Kings point guard Sergio Rodriguez to New York. Houston lands Martin, Knicks forwards Jordan Hill and Jarred Jeffries and draft picks to the Rockets. The Kings will receive Rockets forward Carl Landry and center Joey Dorsey and Knicks guard Larry Hughes.

WHY???? McGrady is NOT what the Knicks need. The only good news out of this trade is that Jared Jeffries is no longer a Knick. I’m hoping Walsh knows what he’s doing. Maybe he has a plan at the end of the season to get rid of TMAC and open some cap room for someone big. I thought Jordan Hill was going to be a future all-star. I guess he’s not part of D’Antoni’s plan. Maybe the Knicks should have drafted Brandon Jennings instead and we wouldn’t have a humongous point guard problem! Hey, maybe this will work out. If McGrady plays like he’s supposed to, the Knicks have a scorer to complement the trifecta of DLee, Chandler, and Gallo. McGrady will join the team in Oklahoma City for Saturday night’s game against the Thunder.

3 Responses to “It’s A Done Deal.”

  1. VanillaICE Says:

    Its called Cap Space… Hell Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh… Hello Knicks as continuous cellar dwellers

  2. bellarmine Says:

    Donnie Walsh – come on he’s a Fordham Prepster – he knows what he’s doing.

  3. ron burgundy Says:

    John Anderson just responded to the statement “If McGrady is healthy he can still be a decent contributor” with, “If I win the lottery I will be a rich man.” It’s not gonna matter because TMac hasn’t played half a season in 3 years. Big spending year next season for your boys Burke. Stay classy

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