Knicks start 2012 Campaign on a Good Note

Melo was the man in the 4th quarter yesterday

Yesterday wasn’t pretty and wasn’t exactly a showing of a championship team, but the Knicks did something they haven’t done a lot of lately, beat the Celtics. The Knicks had lost a lot of openers in a row and finally overcame it, and their struggles with the Celtics. Take out the 3rd Quarter and the Knicks looked pretty good, especially on offense, but the issues on the defensive end continue.

The Knicks were completely clueless to stopping Rondo who was able to fly all over the floor with ease. They played off of him outside a lot because they didn’t fear his shot, but he still managed to penetrate too much. The Knicks new defensive presence Tyson Chandler was helpful down low, but the huge gaps in the defense were still too much for him to contain. I’m still going to wait and see how the Knicks fare against some other teams. Rondo is one of the more unique point guards in the league and he poses additional problems to the Knicks.

The Knicks leaned on Carmelo a lot down the stretch and some people are saying that the other Knicks will get upset. This is absurd. Melo was hot yesterday and carried us, maybe another day it will be Amare, or even another guy who has the hot hand. Lets not make too many impressions from one game. The Knicks won and that’s all that matters, they didn’t look bad, they didn’t look great. Let’s check back in a few weeks. For now the Knicks head out west for a three game trip, so lets see how they handle it.

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