Two Game Slump or Bigger Problem for Jets?

After a 2-0 start, it looked like the Jets had it in cruise control. They would get through the regular season without a problem, and hopefully continue with playoff success they’ve had the last couple years.  But unfortunately, two weeks later, things couldn’t look more opposite. Last night was a joke. There’s no way to make that performance sound good. Rex Ryan got embarrassed in his homecoming to Baltimore, flat-out. The Ravens were deeper, faster, and can actually get to the quarterback. I was ashamed to watch that game last night. I’m not one to overreact to one game but that was probably the worst display by the Jets under Rex Ryan since he’s been here. The offense looked clueless, and I don’t see it getting any better.

The biggest problem… offensive line. The Jets front office decided over the past couple years to put all this money into skill players. Santonio Holmes, Tomlinson, Burress just to name a few. But let me tell you something. Skill players don’t win championships. Dominance in the trenches wins championships.  Look at the Jets the last couple years when they were good. They’re offensive line was stacked. Brick, Faneca, Mangold, Moore, and Woody. Now these guys are replaced with Baxter, Slauson, and Wayne Hunter. Look at the Pats when they won all those games. Sure they had Moss one year, but when they won the championships, Deion Branch and Troy Brown were two of their top recievers. Their offensive line was dominant and gave Brady all day to throw. The Steelers… dominant on both sides of the ball in the trenches. I’m not sure what happened to Wayne Hunter but he might as well not even be out on the field. He has been horrific at right tackle this year, and with Mangold being hurt the line has been nothing short of abysmal. Sure Sanchez hasn’t played good but Peyton Manning couldn’t look good behind that line. You need more than a second and a half to be able to throw. And god for bid they could get a push to run. The Jets have been known for ground and pound. That has what made them successful for the last couple years. Playoff football is won if you can run, and stop the run. Right now the Jets can’t really do either.

The identity of this team is gone. They’re playing softer on offense, throwing it every opportunity they get. Get them back to that ground and pound that has been so effective and successful the last couple years. If that doesn’t happen, this problem will become more than a 2 game slump. Sure they might still go on to win some regular season games, and they might even get lucky enough to get in the playoffs. But if this team as constituted now, were to match up against the Ravens, Texans, or the Steelers (despite their offensive line being miserable yesterday too) in the playoffs, the Jets wouldn’t stand a chance. Run the ball. Run it again. And then run it again. Get that mean streak back in that offensive line. Get Wayne Hunters’ head out of his ass, and maybe then, this team will get back to being  the team we’ve had the last couple years and thought we had going into this year.

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