Aaron Ross after his 2nd Interception

I couldn’t picture a better scenario than what occurred yesterday at the Linc. In just one game, the Giants proved that they are the real deal. Like I said before, this team is starting to learn how to play together with this depleted roster. These players understand who needs to step up and make the most of their opportunities. Yesterday, every player on the roster stepped up their game to help the Giants earn their biggest victory since Super Bowl XLII. Victor Cruz, who I thought was the real deal last summer, had a stellar game with three catches for 110 yards and two key touchdowns. Eli Manning kept the ball out of harms way and threw for four touchdowns with no interceptions. Ahmad Bradshaw established the running game early for the Giants and finished off the Eagles with his touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Let’s not forget to give a shout out to offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride for his intelligent play-calling.

Victor Cruz Stepped Up Big Time

Every player on the Giants defense contributed to this victory. First, I can’t say enough about this defensive line. For the last two weeks, I have praised this d-line and yesterday’s performance showed that this is the best front four in the league, even without Osi. Jason Pierre-Paul is officially a beast. If he stays healthy this season, book him a ticket to the Pro Bowl. Since the d-line played so well, there was much less pressure on the secondary. Aaron Ross came back from a disappointing start of the season and had two interceptions. Jacquaian Williams, a 2011 sixth round pick, recorded 10 tackles in just his third career game. But Michael Boley had the most important tackle of the game when he stopped LeSean McCoy on a crucial 4th and 1 in the fourth quarter. I’m confident to say that the Eagles weren’t ready for this dynamic defense.

Now onto the Eagles. It’s safe to say that this is no dream team. Like I’ve said before, you can’t put together a football team by signing the top free agents and expect them to have the perfect chemistry. Philadelphia has plenty of talent on the field, but there isn’t really a core nucleus. Their offensive line is terrible, which is the reason why Vick is so banged up right now. If their O-Line continues to play this way, Vick will not finish this season. The Eagles’ prized free agent Nnamdi Asomugha has played terribly in his third straight game. Of course now everyone is saying, “The guy is a bust…he sucks…can’t handle the pressure…blah blah blah.” I completely disagree. While with Oakland, Nnamdi played man-to-man, and was just as good as Revis at covering receivers. But in Philly, they have him playing more of a corner-safety type roll. He now has more space to cover, which something he isn’t used to. Can he learn this new defense? Who knows.

I assume everyone heard Michael Vick’s press conference after the game (see below for the video). I have absolutely no sympathy for Vick at all. You don’t get any calls? Tough shit bro! There was one play where Vick scrambled and looked like he was headed out of bounds. Then at the last second, he decided to fake out the defense and goes another five yards. If you want to play that kind of football, expect to get your head knocked off. “Every play I’m on the ground.” This is a contact sport right? If you watch any quarterback in football, they get knocked down almost after every pass. Obviously Vick is pissed about inuring his right hand when Canty hit him after the ball was thrown. Too bad! He wants to complain about injuries? Try having an entire team hurt. Stop crying and act like a man!

With this unexpected victory, the Giants find themselves at 2-1 and head to Arizona for Week 4. Hopefully, the Giants will keep up this kind of play and gather some much needed wins in the next few weeks. Since the second half of the schedule consists of the best teams in the NFL, it’s crucial for the Giants to put together a winning streak.

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