I’ve Officially Lost Patience With A.J. Burnett

…And that’s the final straw folks – I have officially given up on A.J. Burnett. For the past year and a half, I’ve put up with his inconsistency. But since I knew his potential to have the best stuff on this staff, I’ve had a ton of patience with AJ. Plus, Burnett was a huge factor in the Yankees’ 2009 playoff run – but that’s long gone now. This year, AJ has a mediocre 4.96 ERA, but that’s not what kills the Yanks. The guy this year has been a prime example of what I call a pitcher who throws to the “rhythm of the game.” If the Yankees are on an offensive tear in his start, he manages to have a miserable start. If the Yanks aren’t swinging the bat well on his day on the bump, he manages to pitch well, but not good enough (usually giving up 1-2 more runs than the opposing starter). He hasn’t been mentally tough enough to be a shut down guy when needed to. This shows that the 4.96 ERA is actually deceiving. A few of his starts may look good on paper (7 IP, 2 ER, 6 K, etc.), but this is usually when the Yanks would lose a low scoring game.

If I were Girardi and the Yankees ended their season today, it wouldn’t be a question that Burnett would be out of the starting rotation for the postseason. So here’s my starting four if the season ended today:

1. C.C. Sabathia (obviously)

2. Bartolo Colon (even though he has struggled lately, he has been the second most consistent pitcher on the staff)

3. Phil Hughes (he’s getting hot at the right time)

4. Ivan Nova (will be between Nova and Garcia – whoever is the hotter pitcher at the end of September will get the fourth start)

You guys agree with this rotation?

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