The Ultimate Revenge

This is what happens when you cheap shot one of our best players. In the first period, Marion Gaborik knocked Frans Nielsen out of the game with a boarding penalty (which he probably won’t get suspended for). What did the Islanders do to retaliate? Scored four unanswered goals. Last night had to have sucked if you were a Rangers fan in the Coliseum. You probably went to the game expecting a Rangers victory against a team that’s already eliminated. Not gonna happen my man! Also, the Rangers needed this game badly. Even though they are the eight seed, Carolina is only three points behind them. Tortorella must want to kill himself right now.

Martinek Retaliates Moments After Gaborik's Hit on Nielsen

I don’t care how many points the Blue Shirts have. I would take this Islanders squad over the Rangers any day of the week. If Rangers fans think they have a future with their team, they should think again. The Rangers are old and injury-prone. The Isles, on the other hand, are full of young talent. Last night gave the league a glimpse of who the better New York hockey team will be in two years.

I hope all Rangers’ fans are pumped for their 8th seed (possibly 9th?) and their early exit in the playoffs. While the Blue Shirts get pounded by the Flyers, the Isles will look to draft another top prospect. Don’t be surprised if the Islanders find themselves near the top of the league in a couple of years.

A beautiful sight for all Islanders fans:

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