Really Cleveland?

So that was a disappointment! I was expecting LeBron to get stabbed on the court last night- something ten times worse than the Ron Artest incident in Detroit. But nope. Nothing but PG-rated boos and extremely soft signs. If this was Philly or New York, LeBron wouldn’t come out alive. Security guards would purposely look in the opposite direction and let the people burn him to the ground. What happens instead? The dude drops 38 in three quarters. That’s what happens when your city is soft. Once again, Joakim was right. Before last night’s game, I was extremely sympathetic towards the city. Every team in Cleveland sucks and the future doesn’t look too bright. But last night was their chance for vengeance…and they blew it. Cleveland can’t even boo right.

This is how it goes down in a thug city:

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