Worst Best Man Speech of All-Time

I have never seen someone more unprepared in my entire life. I mean, this dude probably had a good year to come up with a best man speech. What does he do? Sits on his ass for the whole time and tries to wing it. The definition of a loser. And then he has the audacity to tell everyone that he’s “not big on speeches.” Tough shit! You’re the best man. All you need is give a good three minute speech about your best friend. Who cares what you talk about? For all I care, talk about him taking a huge sh*t in public. Doesn’t matter. Just get the job done.

One Response to “Worst Best Man Speech of All-Time”

  1. Bellarmine Says:

    I like the one from “The Wedding Singer” with Steve Buscemi toasting his brother and his brother’s new bride: “Harold ain’t so perfect…remember the time in Puerto Rico when we picked up those prostitutes…at least I think they were prostitutes, I don’t remember paying….”

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