Let’s Go Soviets!!!

When it comes to the Olympics, I could care less about country representation. I might’ve been the only American not rooting for Michael Phelps because I thought he was a tool. I have to be honest, I’m getting pumped for Olympic hockey and watching the Soviets destroy. In 2002 and 2006 I loved this team. They always have a strong defense with extremely talented forwards, plus they are the fastest team I’ve ever seen. This year, the Soviets are so good, it’s scary. When you have Datsyuk, Malkin, Ovechkin, and Kovalchuck on the front line, the game is over. Don’t forget about Evgeni Nabokov, one of the best NHL goalies this year. Plus, the old geiser who can still puck handle better than anyone in the world, Sergei Fedorov. Hide your children, it’s going to be a f***ing scoring frenzy.

You might be wondering why I don’t cheer for Team USA. First, with the exception of Patty Kane, they are the softest team in the tournament pool. Plus, Chris Drury is on this team, the most overrated player in the NHL. Is this a popularity contest? An NBA All-Star game? The dude was just demoted by the Rangers to the 4th line! You’re telling me Kyle Okposo isn’t good enough to play on this awful team but Drury and Ryan Callahan can make the cut?? Really?!?!?! Team USA should know that if they snub an Islander, they will be bashed on 5BS.

Let’s get one thing straight. Once the Olympics allowed NHL players to play, patriotism went out the window. I would have loved Olympic hockey even more back in the day when it was a bunch of college kids playing against the world. If it was still that way today, I would raise my USA flag while wearing my red, white and blue. But now that there are professionals involved, I will watch this game in a professional manner, not a patriotic one.

3 Responses to “Let’s Go Soviets!!!”

  1. VanillaICE Says:

    Hear that… that’s the FBI knocking on your door hunting for your communist a**…

  2. bellarmine Says:

    The Great Red Machine returns!!! By the way they’re not Soviets anymore – that ended a while ago – in your lifetime. They’re just plain old Russians . A little history here: “With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991, the Russian Federation became an independent country. Russia was the largest of the fifteen republics that made up the Soviet Union, accounting for over 60% of the GDP and over half of the Soviet population…..Thus, Russia was widely accepted as the Soviet Union’s successor state.” And as for communism, alas that has faded also:”Russia would proceed with radical market-oriented reform along the lines of Poland’s “big bang,” also known as “shock therapy”. – conversion of the world’s largest state-controlled economy into a market-oriented economy” Yeah, I know, SOVIETS sounds much cooler – maybe that can be somebody’s mascot like “The East Stroudsburg Soviets”

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