Over/Under: Isles finish with more points than last season

UNDER. I have to be honest, I don’t think the Isles are going to have over 61 points this season. It’s been seven straight and I seriously believe there is no way out of this slump. Every loss during this streak has been a season low. I would certainly call tonight’s game the lowest part of the season given the fact the only Isles scoring chance was when the Canes screwed up during a power play and let Frans Nielson score a short-handed goal. The Islanders have scored nine goals in seven game- simply pathetic. The Isles will have a chance to have their worst losing streak since last season when they play the Predators at home on Tuesday night.

One Response to “Over/Under: Isles finish with more points than last season”

  1. bellarmine Says:

    Watch – after the Olympic break the Isles are going to go on a tear…..but just fall short of the playoffs – however they will provide us with some exciting moments.

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