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#8: NBA Live 2003

Posted in Top 10 Greatest Sports Video Games on February 18, 2011 by EAST SIDE RYNO

This was the last basketball game I enjoyed playing. Back in 8th grade, I was given a Nintendo Gamecube for Christmas and my first game was NBA Live 2003. For a solid year and a half, this one of the only games I played. Similar to Madden 2001, this game was very easy to operate. It didn’t have the greatest graphics, but it was an upgrade from the N64 sports games. Nothing was better than bringing the ball up the top of key, performing a killer cross-move, then slamming it down. For the Knicks, no one was better at this move than Latrell Sprewell. Plus, this was one of the only games to have Michael Jordan…on the Wizards. (yea I know he’s featured in this year’s NBA game). Another great feature to this game was the one-on-one streetball. Even better, the user can chose to play at real public courts such as Rucker Park in Harlem, NY.

Also, the user can use a ton of former NBA players. These players include Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wes Unseld, Bob Petit, Walt Frazier, Tiny Archibald, Jerry West and many more. The create-a-player mode was the most realistic as ever before. A couple of years later, I bought NBA Live 2005, but it wasn’t the same. There was no streetball, no former players, and the controls were much harder. So if you guys want to play a quality NBA game, you have to go with NBA Live 2003. Trust me on this one. I’m pretty sure you can buy for $3 online.

#9: Madden 2001

Posted in Top 10 Greatest Sports Video Games on February 18, 2011 by EAST SIDE RYNO

Sorry but this is the only Madden game on the list. And I’m not talking about Madden ’01 for Playstation 2, I’m talking about Madden for N64. To be honest, I’m not the biggest Madden fan. When I’m playing a sports video game, I need a fast paced game. Madden is the complete opposite. But Madden 2001 was a fantastic game. In the fall of 6th grade, I must have played Madden four times a week. Even though the graphics don’t compare to the recent Madden’s, it was easy to operate. Plus, the Giants were unreal in the game (it was the year they went to the Super Bowl and lost to the Ravens). With Ron Dayne and Tiki Barber in the backfield, along with Kerry Collins as the QB, the Giants’ offense was unstoppable. It was also the last game Pat Summerall ever announced. Nothing wrong with Al Michaels and Gus Johnson, but Summerall was classic. “The pass…complete… touchdown!” It was absolute poetry. So I know you guys will probably disagree with me on this one, but I have no doubt this is the best Madden game.

Madden 2001 for N64 was the Easiest Madden Game to Operate

Let’s also remember that this was one of only two Madden covers in the past decade that wasn’t part of the “Madden Curse.” In 2000, Eddie George ran for over 1,500 yards and rushed for 14 touchdowns. After this game, the next three players on the covers were badly cursed -Culpepper in ’02, Faulk in ’03, and Vick in ’04. In ’05, Madden decided to go with a defensive player to end the curse with Ray Lewis, but in 2006 the curse returned with a McNabb season-ending injury. And the curse lives on – just check out the covers since ’06. True story.


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Here’s one of only two college baseball games to have ever hit the market. (The other college baseball game was MVP 07: NCAA Baseball for Playstation 2, which I didn’t own.) Personally, MVP 06 was fun to play because it came out my junior year of high school, a time when I was into college baseball. Not every Division I baseball program was included but one could still choose any team from the major conferences in the country. Plus, 20 real college parks were featured. Unlike the MVP Baseball games of the past, this game consisted of the “load and fire” batting tool. This allowed a player to move the joystick to load a swing, instead of the classic style of just hitting a button to swing. With this feature, one could chose if they wanted to “power” swing or just hit for contact.

The "Load and Fire" Swing Made This Baseball Game More Realistic Than Ever Before

The pitching aspect of the game was fantastic as well. Unlike the old baseball games where you would have no choice but use the catcher’s view, NCAA Baseball allowed you to choose the view behind the mound. This would give the viewer a more virtual experience of what the pitcher sees from the mound. The pitcher’s point of view gives the game more of a realistic feel, especially when the user is controlling the pitcher.

One of the main reasons why MVP 06 was better than 07 was because of the rosters. In ’06, the rosters were exactly right (college games can’t use player’s names but the jersey numbers matched up correctly). In ’07, none of the rosters were correct. Another attribute that made this game fantastic was the “Create-A-Ballpark” mode. Even though my NCAA team, Wake Forest, didn’t have their stadium loaded in the game, I was able to create a ballpark similar to Gene Hooks Field.

Only flaw of the game was it’s awful soundtrack. You would be better off muting the game and put your own music on. But on the bright side, the announcers Mike Patrick and Kyle Peterson gave us a great broadcast. Get ready for our #9 greatest sports video game tomorrow. Plus, feel free to give us your own list. It would be great to hear your insight.

Top 10 Sports Video Games of All-Time…Starts Tonight!

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Hint: Madden 95 Just Missed the List

So it’s the middle of February and it’s time for another countdown. This spring, we will count the best ten video games of our generation. We will support the countdown with youtube videos as evidence of how awesome these games were. Get ready cause the countdown starts tonight!!