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Greetings from Clemson

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This weekend, I will be down here in Clemson, South Carolina for some quality ACC Baseball. While walking around Doug Kingsmore Stadium, I noticed a photo of Yankees’ great Jimmy Key. I completely forgot that he went here. Talk about a guy who knew how to carve people up. His Game 6 performance in the 1996 World Series will never be forgotten.  And of course, Clemson is the alma mater of 5 Borough’s own “sammywestside.” However, sammywestside is working for Creighton University’s athletic department in Omaha, Nebraska this semester and won’t be here this weekend. Looking forward to a great weekend in one of the greatest college towns in America.

Big Night in the NHL

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Gotta admit, this Canadiens song is very catchy. It’s definitely getting me pumped to watch tonight’s Game 4 matchup at the Bell Centre. Only in Canada, right? Plus who’s the girl in that video? There’s nothing better than hot chicks in hockey jerseys. This is quite possibly the best rivalry in NHL history and after a Bruins Game 3 win, it’s turning into an epic series. If Boston comes ready to play, they should win this series in six games. But if they repeat history, Montreal could find themselves making another impressive playoff run. I’m actually rooting for the Bruins in this series though. It wasn’t fun watching my boy Tim King almost hang himself from the ceiling after the Bruins’ playoff collapse last year. So for his sanity, I hope the Brew Crew can get it done.

As for the Rangers, that had to be one of the worst ways to lose a playoff game. When you’re up 3-0 heading into the third period, you can’t let a team like the Capitals gain any momentum. Once Washington scored those two fluke goals, I had a hunch the Blue Shirts would blow it. Then in double overtime, the Rangers handed the Caps the game on a silver platter. However, I was impressed with the Garden faithful. They definitely let Boudreau hear it. Sucks that Bruce had the last laugh. Now with the Capitals having all the momentum, it’s going to be a tough Game 5 for the Rangers.


Greatest Speech I’ve Ever Heard

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When I woke up this morning, I felt awful. Having only gotten four hours of sleep last night, the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed and go to class. Then I watched this video. Now I’m ready to run through a wall. If you’re not ready to conquer life after watching this speech, you should just give up.

Who’s the Greatest Hockey Announcer of All-Time? Mike Emrick or Gary Thorne?

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As we head into the heart of the NHL playoffs, I can’t help but miss Gary Thorne broadcasting hockey. After the 2004-2005 lockout, ESPN dropped their contract with the NHL. Since Gary Thorne works for ESPN, he hasn’t done any NHL play-by-play since. He’s done the Frozen Four for NCAA hockey, but that’s not the same. Even though Gary isn’t around, I still love listening to Mike Emrick. The dude absolutely bleeds hockey. No matter what game it is, Emrick acts like it’s Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. He makes every goal sound like it’s the series winner. Last weekend, I was watching the Detroit Red Wings take on the Phoenix Coyotes in the first round. Even though I have no affiliation to either team, I was pumped just from listening to Emrick. So who do you think is better?

Montage of Gary Thorne calls:

Montage of Mike Emrick calls:

Even though Thorne has the greatest call of all-time (below), I’m gonna call it a tie.

Who do you think is the greatest of all-time?

My New Favorite Team…in Soccer?

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If you haven’t seen the Portland Timbers play a home game yet, then you should.

Last night was their first game, and can somebody please tell me where they came from and why they have the coolest traditions after one game?

America’s new coolest home venue can be found in Portland, Oregon.

The Portland Timbers are an expansion team in the MLS this year and those “European Fans” better take notice of this.

Imagine rapid college football fans, at a soccer game.

I’m not much of a soccer fan, but I have to admit I’d go to a Timber’s game anytime, this is what sports is about.

The National Anthem was freaking awesome, please someone else do this too!

Then the mascot! Awesome stuff!

Apparently every time they score, they chop of a slab of wood and pass it around the crowd before giving it to the player who scored the goal after the game.

The Worst Feeling in Sports

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Let’s take a step back and forget about all the miserable moments the Yankees, Giants, Knicks and Islanders in the past decade. We can bitch and moan about the Yanks choking in the ’04 playoffs, the Giants blowing a 24 point the lead against the 49ers in the 2002 Wild Card Game, or the Knicks and Islanders’ decade of misery. But imagine if one of your beloved sports teams ended their season…and left for good. This is what’s about to happen to the Sacramento Kings. Do they have a large national fan base? No. But what else do the people of Sacramento have in sports besides the Kings? Today is a sad day for west coast basketball. And it’s not like the team is moving to Seattle (who lost the Sonics three years ago) or any other town in desperate need of a professional basketball team (St. Louis anyone?). Instead, it looks like the franchise will move to Anaheim. That means Los Angeles will have three NBA teams. Wow! They don’t even care about the Clippers there. So now there will be two NBA franchises that no one cares about in southern California. Just a sad day in the world of sports.

The Golden Years of Kings Basketball

The Greatest Hit of All-Time

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Jesse Enns has nothing on this dude.

Click here for the Jesse Enns hit.

Here We Go Again…

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Players get PAID…and SEX!

Not bad for a 7th Round pick…are we surprised to hear Auburn, LSU and Ohio State in this story? And Michigan State, well that was a bit out of left field…

The fact is this is happening everywhere, and we don’t know how to stop it.

This is an issue that isn’t connected to some of the problems we’ve been discussing here lately. When a coach does something its a issue left to them, and their fault. It’s not necessarily the fault of coaches and administrators when someone does a money exchange like this. Sometimes they are connected, and sometimes they are not.

This is so tough to deal with and there is nothing we can do at this point.

I’m open to anyone telling me how to stop it…it happens all over, and its a huge deal.

Read the story below…

The Story


UNC Gets All the Calls…Weird.

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(Start video at 12:44)

Carolina literally tried to lose this game. UNC was up by three with five seconds to go when Washington chucked up a final shot from half court. Instead of letting the air-ball go out of bounds, UNC forward John Henson touched the ball right before the ball went out of bounds. When watching the video, notice how much time was left when the ball went out of bounds. (The clock was at 1.1 seconds). Usually, the referees would review the call to make sure they have the right time. Instead, they quickly proceeded to let the game carry on with 0.5 seconds to go. Washington then chucked up another three pointer to tie the game but Henson blocked the shot as the ball was coming down, which is clearly a goaltend. But once again, the refs turned their heads and walked off the court. Pathetic Carolina refs.

This isn’t the only time UNC has been favored by the officiating crew. If you’ve experienced ACC football or basketball, you would be shocked with the amount of Carolina favoritism. Just ask sammywestside when he attended a Clemson-UNC football game in Chapel Hill last fall. Absolutely pathetic.

Do I hate Carolina? No, I hate Duke. I just don’t like UNC either. I actually liked Carolina when they had Antwan Jamison, Vince Carter, Ed Cota, and all those late 90’s superstars. I started not liking them when Roy Williams came around and won a title with Sean May, Rashad McCants and Marvin Williams. Now having experienced the culture of ACC basketball for the past four years, I grown even more dislike for UNC and Duke. So now that my brackets are all but done with that Pitt loss last night, I’m just rooting for a Carolina and Duke to lose.

It's Easy to Win National Titles When You Get Every Call