East Side Ryno’s Bracketology

As we all know, sammywestside is the bracketology expert here at 5BS. But I figured I’ll show you guys my picks for this year’s tournament for the hell of it. If you’re trying to win some money, please don’t listen to me. I am completely biased when filling out a bracket and I always go with the Jesuit schools in the first round (aka the “Burke Golden Rule”). You can click on the picture above to see my full bracket, but here are some bold picks I have for the 2012 tourney:

– Baylor will beat Kentucky and head to the Final Four:

Kentucky has the best talent in the tournament but I hate picking teams that are full of freshman. Anthony Davis will win Player of the Year, but Baylor’s experience will be the reason they will head to New Orleans.

– New Mexico will go to the Sweet 16:

Steve Alford’s group in Albuquerque are on fire. They just beat San Diego State in the Mountain West championship on Saturday. Looking for them to stay hot and take care of business against Long Beach State and Big East champion Louisville.

– Watch out for South Florida:

USF is a solid defensive team who has the ability to knock off their first three opponents. First, they should easily beat Cal in their play-in game. Then they have Temple, who lost in the semi-finals of the Atlantic 10 tournament and then possibly Michigan, who I believe is overrated.

– When in doubt, pick Tom Izzo:

No matter what seed Michigan State is given, Izzo goes to the Final Four. This year, the Spartans have great depth and experience. PLus, they’re getting hot at the right time. Look for them to win a close one against Syracuse in the finals.

And now I leave you with Gus Johnson:

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