The Return of Basketball to the CIty

Over the last two weeks, I have seen something that my eyes have never before witnessed in my life.  The Knicks are officially are the talk of the town.  Yes, Linsanity was the spark that allowed for this mediocre season to be turned into a linsational one.  But what is even more impressive is how this team is growing stronger as a group rather than a single player.  The knicks roster is stacked, with its two perennial all stars in Stat and Melo leading the group.  Then followed by Chandler, Lin, Fields, Shumpert, and even Jerod Jefferies.  The depth on this roster continues as it does  stop there.  There is a sharpshooter in Novak and possible  a strong backup if  Baron Davis if he manages to stay healthy.  Last of all, we have the newest addition to the Knicks in J.R. Smith an all around “baller”.  From a team that had little to no depth in the two weeks Linsanity has taken overall the whole dynamic of this team has changed.  Now fans find themselves talking about how we can manage to get everyone on the court.  This leads us to our next problem

Coach Mike D’Antoni finally has no excuses.  He has a strong roster and finally can implement his style in to the team.  Everyone in New York for the most part wants nothing to do with the coach.  I for one, have always liked him at the helm.  I think is offensive strategy will become a major game changer come postseason.  The question that must be answers is if Coach D  has the time to earn a contract extension.  From what it looks like the players are buying into his system.  If the knicks do make a strong postseason run, I strongly believe he should comeback.  The man coached here the last 3 years with 75 different players.  Finally, he has his pieces now, its time to judge the coach.  Forget the past and live in the now.  This team has something brewing.

In a city where the Giants just won the Superbowl and the Rangers are dominating the east, I have not seen so much attention garnered  to the knicks as this.  The Giants superbowl win feels like years ago and the Rangers won’t receive the attention they deserve until the playoffs.  What the last two weeks has shown me as a New York fan is how much of a basketball city New York is.  At the end of the day, everyone in New York loves having a basketball team to finally be proud of.  I will say with all this Linsanity and the Knicks being at the center of the basketball world this could not come at a worse time for The New Jersey Nets soon to be Brooklyn Nets.  Their credibility and even more so any chance at gaining fans has been lost.  The Mecca of Basketball has reestablished itself at the perfect time.  Chances are not many current New Yorkers or Brooklynites will become Nets Fan.  When all the dust settles we will see that no matter what happens as long as the Knicks are hot the City can’t get enough of it.   That is how we know the Knicks have returned.  A  franchise that has been dormant the last decade in a matter of two weeks has become the most popular and hottest item in the city that never sleeps.

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