What the Giants Must Do to Win at Lambeau

Here we go. Gameday baby. Nothing better than a playoff matchup between two old-school teams in the most historic stadium in football. All I’ve heard this week in the media is how the Giants have a good shot at winning this game since they have the momentum. But I think we’re all forgetting just how good this Green Bay Packers team has been. They’re 15-1, undefeated at home, have an MVP quarterback, and are the defending Super Bowl champs. Let’s just get that straight. But having said that, the Packers are beatable. In Week 13, the Giants stood neck and neck with the Pack all game. Eli was able to pick apart the Packers’ secondary, but the defense looked atrocious. But Perry Fewell’s defense have improved and are much healthier since that early December game. In order for the Giants to win today, they must execute two basic things:


If Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs perform like they did last week, the Giants will pick apart the Packers’ mediocre defense. With a good running game, Eli Manning will have a field day with his receivers. In 2007 when the Giants last played the Packers in the postseason, the Giants gained a solid 134 rushing yards and two touchdowns on the ground. Plus that Packers defense was one of the best in the league that season. If  Jacobs and Bradshaw only run for a combined 85 yards, like they did against the Pack in Week 13, it’s not going to be pretty for Kevin Gilbride.

Hopefully we will see more of this from Brandon Jacobs, just like in 2007: 


Aaron Rodgers can’t have time in the pocket if the Giants want to win (or at least hold the Packers under 45 points). With Jennings back in the lineup today, Rodgers has all of his weapons ready to go. Let’s face it, the Giants secondary has improved over the 2011 season but it’s still not that good. Just like they did with Matt Ryan, the defensive line must get to Rodgers and disrupt his time in the pocket. In Week 13, there was a play in the second half where the Packers were inside the ten on a 3rd and goal. Rodgers went back to pass and had at least eight seconds in the pocket. Eventually, Donald Driver got open and the Packers had themselves another touchdown. (See Below) This can’t happen today. Let’s hope JPP, Osi, and Tuck stay hot and lay the hammer on Rodgers all game.

4:30pm today…Let’s get it on.

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