Total Humiliation in New Orleans

Did Perry Fewell and the Giants coaching staff even prepare for this game? Did they watch any film on Drew Brees? The defense couldn’t do anything right. The Saints rushed for 202 yards and passed for 372 . Coming into the Monday Night showdown, the key to the Giants stopping the high-powered Saints offense was to put pressure on Brees. Not only did they not get to the quarterback, they had no sacks or TFLs. The result: 577 yards of total offense for New Orleans. How could this happen in such an important game?

Here’s a scouting report for the rest of the teams playing the Giants this season: if you want to gain yards on offense, just run a no-huddle. How many times was the defense in complete disarray while Brees was running up to the LOS to hike the ball? There was one play where the Giants only had ten men on the field! I even think Kiwanuka lined up as a safety on one play. Hasn’t this been a problem since the St. Louis game in Week 2 when Deon Grant had to fake an injury to stop the Rams’ offense? Where’s the adjustment? Lack of preparation + lack of execution = complete failure.

Drew Brees was Unstoppable

I’m sick and tired of hearing people say, “The Giants are too injured…the defense is depleted.” Fuck that! It’s Week 12 – every team has injuries. Just look at the Cowboys. They lost their top runningback (Felix Jones) and wide receiver (Miles Austin). How do they respond? DeMarco Murray and Laurent Robinson step up big time. The Giants lost Michael Boley and Terrell Thomas. Who’s stepped up? No one. Successful teams in the NFL are the ones who have depth. In order to have depth, backups must take advantage of their opportunities.  This hasn’t happened for the Giants. This team is soft and scared. Once the Saints went up by two touchdowns, the defense quit. You could see in their body language. Pathetic. I would love to talk about the much the offense improved, but who cares? The defense sucked too much for it to even matter.

If the Giants have another second half collapse, I find it hard to believe Tom Coughlin will return next season. Even though he won the Super Bowl four years ago, it’s hard for a coach to stay after missing the playoffs three years in a row. Coughlin was completely outcoached by Sean Payton tonight and this has been too familiar for Giants fans, and I’m sure for the Mara family as well. In a span of three weeks, the Giants went from being on top of the NFC East to out of the playoff picture. And it’s not looking too bright as the Giants will play host to the undefeated Green Bay Packers next week.

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