That Sucked

Stay Classy Desean

Another underachieving performance by the Giants. Last night, the Giants had a chance to put an end to the Eagles season and remain ahead of the Cowboys for the division lead. But with the loss, they fall into second place in division while only leading Philadelphia by two games.

The Giants actually played some good defense last night. With the exception of not being able to stop the Eagles on SIX third down conversions on Philly’s final scoring drive, the defense looked strong. The secondary had three picks against the struggling Vince Young, while the defensive line contained LeSean McCoy. I blame this loss fully on the offensive line. That was one of the worst performances I’ve seen by an O-Line for as long as I can remember. It was their fault the Giants couldn’t run the ball. It was their fault Eli didn’t have time in the pocket to make better passes. Finally, it was their fault Eli fumbled the football on the Giants’ final drive. Cullen Jenkins and Justin Babin abused this line all game. Completely unacceptable, especially if the Giants want to compete against the Saints and the Packers in the next two weeks.

Like I said last week, I hate bashing Kevin Gilbride. But this is the second week in a row where he had horseshit play-calling. When the run isn’t working, don’t run the fucking football. When the offensive line is sucking, don’t call draw plays for the incompetent Brandon Jacobs. Plus, why isn’t Da’Rel Scott getting the ball more? He had two rushes, for 11 yards. To put that in perspective, Jacobs had 12 rushes for 21 yards. Why not create some screen plays for Scott or something? Maybe that work instead of trying to run the ball on first down every single time. Things have to change before next Monday night in New Orleans.

It always sucks losing the Eagles. Given they are such a disgusting organization, I hate losing to them. I mean, seriously, is this team so classless that they try to injure opposing quarterbacks after the whistle? Is this team so disrespectful that they have wide receivers mock opposing coaches right in front of their faces? There is a reason why this franchise doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring. Guys of this kind of douchebag-caliber don’t win and never will. Like I’ve said before, I guess 50 years of losing brings out a lot of anger.

2 Responses to “That Sucked”

  1. Typical post by an angry, ignorant Giants fan. I bet you’re also one of the fans that sits in the Garden yelling “Shoot!” through every Rangers game.

    The Giants can’t run the ball. That much shouldn’t come as a surprise–it’s been the offense’s achilles heel all season. To call for them to completely abandon the run though is ridiculous. This isn’t Madden in your dorm room. If you thought Eli was under a lot of pressure last night, try telling Babin and Cole that they can forget about the threat of a run and see what happens. The only reason Manning didn’t get lit up every time he dropped back was because those ends had to respect the Giants’ commitment to run the ball at least a little bit.

    If you don’t think Eli should get hit after throwing a pick, tell him to run away from the play, not towards it. Last time I checked, he’s wearing a number and a helmet. The block was not after the whistle (as you suggest) nor was it a penalty (which you seem to imply). I thought it was refreshing to see Eli in lackluster pursuit after throwing that pick though–I expected him to see him jog away from the play and maybe even pretend to tie his shoe, what with him being the enormous pussy that he is.

  2. First of all, I didn’t say they should completely abandon the run. I said that when the run isn’t working, the Giants need to change their game plan. It was seriously the most predictable play-calling I have ever seen. The Eagles put pressure on Manning all night, which is why Gilbride should’ve developed some more screens.

    Eli was hit when the play was dead. He had no intention of making a play, plus he wasn’t even near the football. I can understand why the Eagles would want to knock him out of the game given he owned them earlier this season, but that’s classless. Very Buddy Ryan-like.

    Btw, I’m an Islanders fan. Nice try.

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