Tough Loss

Usually when the Giants lose, I’m pissed all week. But after their game in San Francisco on Sunday, I’m not disappointed in this team at all. This wasn’t a typical Giants loss where they would beat themselves. The 49ers simply outplayed them and deserved to win that game. The Giants made some crucial mistakes, but overall they had a strong performance against one of the toughest teams in the league. Plus it’s always tough to win on the west coast, no matter what team you’re playing. Was I upset about this defeat? Of course, but I didn’t lose any sleep because of it.

Even though Eli didn’t lead yet another fourth quarter comeback, he still had a strong performace. His interception late in the game wasn’t his fault (why did Manningham stop running?). Also if Manningham caught the ball in the endzone on the final drive, we would’ve been headed for overtime. With the exception of a few bonehead plays, the defense was exceptionally strong. When Michael Boley went down, the game changed. Since Boley has anchored this defense all season, losing him hurt big time. I love our rookie 6th rounder Greg Jones, but he’s not ready to start (the Vernon Davis and Kendall Hunter touchdowns were technically his fault). I never like to question offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride but I believe he ruined the Giants’ final drive. On 3rd and 2 inside the red zone, Gilbride called for a draw play to D.J Ware. This play didn’t work on the Niners all day, so why would you call this in the most crucial part of the game? Especially when you have the most clutch quarterback in the game? Can’t do anything about it now. Have to look forward to next week as the Giants take on Philly on Sunday Night at Giants Stadium. The Eagles may look like they’re out of it, but crazy things happen when two division rivals meet. The Giants must come prepared, or Philly will beat them once again at home.

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