Jets Preview

Limiting Turnovers This Week is a Must for The Sanchize

Well Jets fans we get to week 9 in the NFL season and  I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t have pinpointed this game as a MUST WIN division game before the year started. Who would’ve thought that the Bills would be in 1st place a 5-2 and the Jets would be in 3rd place in the division at this point. Anyone? As I just mentioned this game is must win but here’s the problem. I don’t see the Jets actually winning. I’ve gone back and forth all week on it and I’ve come to the conclusion that the Jets weakness’ play right into the hands of the Bills strengths. Not a good combination.

The Bills force a lot of turnovers! Mark Sanchez is a turnover machine at times. So put 2 and 2 together and you tell me what you get. I’ve been trying to convince myself all week that he won’t turn it over against the Bills but I mean lets be real. Tom Brady threw 4 picks against them. Granted I don’t see him throwing 4. But I think him throwing at least 2 is certainly in the realm of possibilities. Sanchez’s decision making needs to be much better. He needs to be sharp from the first snap otherwise the Jets are in trouble.

Problem number dos. Fred Jackson. As I heard on ESPN a couple weeks ago, the Jets talk a lot about stopping the run, but they don’t actually do it. Jackson has had an MVP type season so far and whats worse, is that even when the bills were bad, they have ALWAYS been able to run it on the Jets for the past decade.  Whether it be Travis Henry, or Willis McGahee, or Marshawn Lynch, or Fred Jackson, or the fat pizza delivery boy, if you’re in a Bills uniform playing RB, you’re almost guaranteed to rush for 100 yards with a touchdown or two.

So that’s the sad truth Jets fans. The way I see it is that the Jets pass defense will keep Fitzpatrick in check. He’ll throw a lot underneath, screens, dump offs. Quick passes and running game, chewing up a lot of clock and eventually leading the Bills to a win. Not to mention the fact that the Jets weren’t exactly great last year offensively after the BYE week. Not Rex’s specialty. Bills 24- Jets 20.

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