Pre-Season Bracketology

It’s finally time for some college hoops, as the season begins this coming Monday. Last season we did extensive coverage of college hoops, and specifically Bracketology. It is finally time to crank it up again, and today I introduce my first version of Bracketology. Doing this pre-season is almost useless, but fun to just take a look at who we think will be good at this point. I probably won’t do this again for a few weeks because its hard to find out things from these early games against mostly lackluster competition. So for now I just present to you the seedings, and the bracket and feel free to form your own opinion of it.

1 Seeds- UNC, Kentucky, Ohio State, UConn

2 Seeds- Syracuse, Duke, Louisville, Florida

3 Seeds- Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, Kansas, Arizona

4 Seeds- Memphis, Wisconsin, UCLA, Xavier

5 Seeds- Baylor, Michigan, Marquette, Missouri

6 Seeds- Gonzaga, Alabama, Texas A&M, Florida State

7 Seeds- Michigan State, California, Temple, Washington

8 Seeds- West Virginia, UNLV, Purdue, Kansas State

9 Seeds- Miami FL, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Villanova

10 Seeds- Texas, Clemson, Wichita State, Minnesota

11 Seeds- BYU, Cincinnati, Belmont, Northwestern

12 Seeds- Creighton, George Mason, New Mexico, Virginia, Old Dominion, Northern Iowa

13 Seeds- Harvard, Butler, Utah State, Oral Roberts

14 Seeds- Iona, Davidson, Long Beach State, Kent State

15 Seeds- Bucknell, Vermont, Montana, Murray State

16 Seeds- Alabama State, UT-Arlington, Florida Atlantic, UNC- Asheville, Robert Morris, Morgan State

Check the link below to see the actual Bracket with Matchups:

Pre-Season Bracket 2012

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