Week 7 College Football Picks

Does Brady Hoke's Michigan Wolverines have what it takes to win on the road at rival Michigan State?

Week 7 brings us to the halfway point of the season, and with so many teams still in contention, we are set up for a wild second half of the season. In the SEC Alabama and LSU have separated themselves tremendously, and look to decide the SEC champ, and probably one of the two participants in the National Title on November 5th in Tuscaloosa. The Big 12 remains wide open with many undefeated teams, but Oklahoma and Oklahoma State seem like the biggest contenders to come out on top. The Pac 12 is down, but upstart Arizona State looks like a favorite to face Oregon or Stanford in the first title game. The Big East looks like West Virginia’s to lose, and while Boise State and Houston are looking to crash the BCS party. In the Big Ten Wisconsin looks like the favorite, but Michigan and Michigan State will decide who’s their biggest competition this weekend. And finally in the ACC hot starts by Clemson and Georgia Tech have both teams primed for a big showdown in Atlanta in two weeks, which could be the first of two meetings (the later being the ACC Championship).

The question is, do any of these teams fall this weekend? Or does the top ten stay the same again? Who falls from the top 25, and who is likely to enter it this week?

USC 31, California, 24

Michigan State 24, Michigan 20

Texas A&M 38, Baylor 31

Pittsburgh 20, Utah 17

South Carolina 31, Mississippi State 24

North Carolina 21, Miami FL 17

Missouri 24, Iowa State 17

Florida State 35, Duke 21

SMU 28, UCF 20

Ohio State 21, Illinois 20

Georgia Tech 38, Virginia 17

Washington 31, Colorado 21

Oklahoma State 31, Texas 27

LSU 24, Tennessee 10

Alabama 31, Mississippi 7

Virginia Tech 31, Wake Forest 24

Clemson 28, Maryland 21

Florida 31, Auburn 24

Georgia 28, Vanderbilt 14

Texas Tech 28, Kansas State 24

Stanford 31, Washington State 10

Oklahoma 55, Kansas 17

Oregon 37, Arizona State 27

(88-19 thru 6 weeks)

3 Responses to “Week 7 College Football Picks”

  1. Still no faith in the Demon Deacs? Maryland will be lucky if they only lose by seven points. Gotta agree with the MSU-Mich game. The Wolverines haven’t figured out how to win in East Lansing for quite a while now.

  2. sammywestside Says:

    Sorry, the Hokies offense came alive last week and if Logan Thomas can have a repeat performance they’ll be tough to beat. It wouldn’t shock me if Wake won, but couldn’t pull the trigger on the upset. And yeah Michigan could win, but I’m still not convinced they are that good, even with a W in East Lansing.

  3. bellarmine Says:

    Michigan will beat a weaker MSU team this year. The Wolverines are beginning to figure it out.

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