College Football Wrap-Up Week 6

For some reason I still am a believer that Alabama is the top team in the land, call me crazy

This past weekend in College Football was amazingly good for the top ten. Not only did everyone win, but everyone looked good in the process. Alabama and LSU rolled again, Oklahoma was unbelievably dominant against Texas. OK State and Oregon put on offensive clinics. Stanford, Boise State, and Clemson took care of business easily. Only Texas and Texas Tech fell from the reign of undefeated’s, while the majority of favorites got it done this weekend. A rare, and rather uneventful weekend is what resulted, but that’s alright. Now we have to sort out who we like more, and make sense of all the remaining undefeated’s. So now we will look at this week’s top 25 before we move onto the picks later this week.

1. Alabama

2. LSU

3. Oklahoma

4. Wisconsin

5. Stanford

6. Oklahoma State

7. Clemson

8. Georgia Tech

9. Boise State

10. Oregon

11. Arkansas

12. Michigan

13. West Virginia

14. South Carolina

15. Virginia Tech

16. Illinois

17. Kansas State

18. North Carolina

19. Texas

20. Arizona State

21. Florida

22. Auburn

23. Nebraska

24. Baylor

25. Wake Forest

4 Responses to “College Football Wrap-Up Week 6”

  1. Too much respect for the ACC in these rankings? Wake and North Carolina? I think they could be ranked in another win or so, but Im not sure about being ranked after week six.

  2. Loving Wake at #25!!! Big test at home on Saturday against the Hokies. A win will prove the Deacs are for real.

  3. sammywestside Says:

    Wake might be a stretch in the top 25 right now (certainly a tip of the cap to East Side Ryno)…but UNC certainly deserves to be in there, 5-1 with their only loss to GaTech on the road by a late TD…their lack of a big win is what has others less convinced, but I’m sold on them…tons of talent up in Chapel Hill still

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