Better But Not Good Enough

Last week, I preached to you all that the Jets needed to get back to ground and pound. Their offensive line was playing too soft and they needed that hard nosed running mentality back. Well getting Nick Mangold back certainly helped and the Jets actually looked very good at time running the football. At the end of the first half, the Jets had BY FAR their best drive of the year, handing it to Shonn Greene basically every play and running it down the Patriots throats. That drive was impressive; it was the Jets of the past two years, unfortunately that was about the end of the good news for them this week.

Lets face it, the Jets were quite simply outmatched. They played a better team, on the road. They never had a chance. What did we notice that made the Pats so good? OFFENSIVE LINE! I don’t know how much I can preach this boys and girls. The Pats offensive line made it look like the Jets defensive line were a bunch of pee wee football players going up against the Varsity Team. It was David vs Goliath and Goliath wins in the trenches everytime. Brady had all day to throw, and the law firm had holes that even I could’ve run threw. The Pats don’t have the skill players the Jets do. The talent in those positions is far superior on the Jets. But as I keep preaching, the game isn’t won in skill position talent. If you don’t have time to get them the ball it simply doesn’t matter.

So what do we take out of this week? It was both positive and negative. They did show they didn’t completely lose the ability to run the ball despite the fact that they averaged under 4 yards a carry. But the offense still needs to be better. 7 3 and outs in totally unnacceptable considering the Pats had only had forced 8 3 and outs all year. We basically doubled that in one game. That is totally on Brian Schottenheimer for is inept play calling. His days might be numbered as Jets Offensive Coordinator and I can’t say I’m totally upset about it.  So hang in their Jets fans. The next four games are crucial. We need 3! Anything less and the playoffs are looking more and more less likely. Hopefully things start to click, but I’m not too optimistic just yet.

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