A-Rod Capping Off Another Disappointing Postseason

No words to describe what just happened. First, we have to tip our caps to the Tigers since they completely outplayed the Yankees. Their big hitters came through in the clutch, while ours failed miserably. I know Girardi said he pulled Nova out because of “tightness in his forearm,” but I’m not buying that at all. That’s a bullshit injury for an elimination game. Girardi was just trying to save his own ass for over-managing this entire ballgame. Even though the bullpen held Detroit to only one run through seven innings, I still don’t believe that was the right decision. I am putting all the blame for this loss on the offense, but who knows if Nova stays in that game? Who knows what would happen if Girardi kept Hughes in for another couple of innings? Maybe the bullpen could’ve shut the door and held Detroit scoreless? We will never know.

Scoring two runs at home in an elimination game is not acceptable. The Yankees don’t deserve to advance in the postseason because they didn’t play well enough. The Tigers, who I still don’t believe was the better team in the series, outplayed the Yanks in the toughest environment in baseball. Don Kelly and Delmon Young took advantage of Nova’s mistake pitches while Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher had awful approaches in crucial situations. After Burnett’s season-saving performance two nights ago, it sucks that it goes down the drain with one terrible game.

On a bright note, let’s not take the Yankees for granted here. I’ve heard a lot of people saying, “Yankees suck…the 2011 season is now officially a waste…etc.” This is far beyond the truth. Think about the expectations we had for this team in April? With a suspect rotation and an old lineup, everyone was just hoping for a playoff birth. The 2011 Yankees exceeded those expectations and gave us a fantastic 97-win season with a Division title and an exciting Division Series that went down to the final game. Of course we all thought the Yanks for destined for 28, but apparently they weren’t. At least they gave us a great summer of baseball. And as we all know, a lot of other cities (Boston) can’t say the same thing. As for us here at 5BS, we will mourn this loss, but just remember it’s hockey and football season now. Sports lives on.

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