AJ Comes Through…Off to Game 5

After a Shaky First Inning, Burnett Settled Down and Silenced His Critics

With Burnett coming out of nowhere and pitching the game of his life and Granderson saving the season with two spectacular catches, the Yanks are back in business! Just like every Yankee fan, I was sweating bullets in the first inning after AJ had bases loaded with two outs. Like usual, Burnett was wild and unable to control any of his pitches. Then in one play, the momentum of the series shifted. On a well hit ball by Don Kelly, Curtis Granderson made one of the most outstanding catches in postseason history. Saving three runs, (possibly four with Kelly’s speed), the Yanks escaped the first without giving up any runs. In the top of the third, Jeter finally came through with a nice two RBI double. Burnett then followed with another crucial scoreless inning. Even though AJ gave up a blast to Victor Martinez in the fourth, he managed to hold the Tigers to just one run. In the sixth, Granderson made yet another spectacular catch saving two runs. Finally in the eighth, the Yankees’ bats finally came to life. Forcing six runs, the Yanks sealed the victory. Game Five – Thursday night. Let’s go!!

Granderson's Two Spectacular Catches Saved the Season

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