Week 5 College Football Wrap-Up

Montee Ball is a one man wrecking ball that can't be tackled

On the first weekend of October some big names made some big statements, while in the meantime some teams were exposed as pretenders.

The game of the week featured Wisconsin and Nebraska, and this game went as I expected. The Huskers were completely overmatched in Madison and got crushed. Wisconsin continues to look extremely impressive and are very legitimate contenders for a BCS Championship.

In Dallas, Texas A&M chocked away a lead again, and this time to Arkansas. The Razorbacks who looked lost in Tuscaloosa a week ago, stormed back offensively and informed the Aggies of what life will be like next year in the SEC.

In Gainesville Alabama showed us again why they are simply a well oiled machine. The Gators gave them some problems early, but the defense of the Tide was dominant, and Trent Richardson just ran the ball down the throat of the Gator defense.

In what might have been the most surprising score of the day, Auburn upset South Carolina on the road in Columbia. The Gamecocks quarterback Stephen Garcia continues to prove why he is simply terrible, and a loss to a depleted Auburn team is inexcusable. The Gamecocks offense failed to reach 300 yards of offense against an Auburn defense that has surrendered over 600 yards in games this year. The Gamecocks still have a favorable schedule, but games like Arkansas and Florida suddenly look less and less like potential victories.

In Blacksburg Clemson continued their stunning run of success in convincing fashion. A 23-3 drubbing of the Hokies was most impressive because it happen in Blacksburg and the Tigers did it with dominant defense. Virginia Tech looked lost on offense, and the Tigers did enough offensively in the cold and rainy conditions to easily secure the win. The schedule gets easier from here with Boston College coming to Death Valley next week.

Now on too this weeks top 25:

1. Alabama

2. LSU

3. Wisconsin

4. Oklahoma

5. Stanford

6. Oklahoma State

7. Clemson

8. Georgia Tech

9. Texas

10. Boise State

11. Oregon

12. Arkansas

13. Michigan 

14. West Virginia

15. Florida

16. Illinois

17. Kansas State

18. Auburn

19. Nebraska

20. South Carolina

21. Virginia Tech

22. Arizona State

23. Baylor

24. Florida State

25. North Carolina

2 Responses to “Week 5 College Football Wrap-Up”

  1. Since Wake Forest is lookin’ pretty impressive at 3-1, are they receiving any votes???

  2. sammywestside Says:

    Don’t know about that quite yet, but they are far exceeded expectations, and should 4-0 right now after that debacle in Syracuse. Big proving ground this week against FSU in Winston-Salem.

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