Yanks meet the Tigers at the Stadium Friday Night

For the Yankees to be successful this October, CC must come up huge

After last night’s epic events in baseball, it’s going to be tough to do better than that this October. The Yankees were very much a part of last night’s script, but it shouldn’t have much effect on the team come tomorrow night. The Yankees did exactly what any other team would do, conservatively play your regulars down the stretch and make sure everyone is healthy and rested for the postseason. Sorry Boston, we did not purposely sabotage your season. The Yankees certainly don’t like Boston, but the Rays did just as much to win it, as you did to lose it.

Now that we move into the postseason we first must wonder who will be there for the Yanks.

Offensively I think the roster is pretty obvious. Jorge is reportedly in, and Cervelli is still out with a concussion. Teixeira is reportedly going to bat third.

Expect the game one lineup to look like this:

1. Jeter SS

2. Granderson CF

3. Cano 2B

4. Rodriguez 3B

5. Teixeira 1B

6. Swisher RF

7. Posada DH

8. Martin C

9. Gardner LF

On the bench: Montero, Chavez, Jones, Nunez

The pitching staff is where it gets more interesting. CC will obviously be the game 1 starter, and Nova will slot in game 2. After that the questions soar. If it were up to me this is what I’d do:

Game 1: Sabathia

Game 2: Nova

Game 3: Garcia

Game 4: Hughes

Game 5: Sabathia

Keep in mind that CC would have to pitch on short rest in Game 4 if the Yanks decided to go that way. Its possible they do that, in that case I bump Garcia and kept Hughes for game 3. I only put Hughes at game 4 because it’s a potential elimination game.

For the bullpen I’d have:









Arguments can be made to leave guys like Ayala, Wade and Burnett off the roster, but no one else has stepped up recently, and honestly I wouldn’t be upset with Burnett on the roster. He sucks, but he can still come in and get outs. Its pretty obvious once you put him in the game, whether or not he has it going.

The Tigers are going to send Verlander out there twice and the Yanks want to match up CC with him. CC might not be having as great of a season, but there is no question both guys can pitch lights out any night. Doug Fister looks to slot at number 2, and the Tigers will have to decide whether or not to go with a three man rotation with Porcello or Scherzer filling out the next spots.

In general it might be difficult for the Yanks to come out flying because they’ve been sleep walking the last week, but you have to expect them to be ready. Come game 1 the only person who needs to really be focused and ready is CC. A win against Verlander in game 1 would be huge and set the tone for the series.

It’s going to be a fun series and the entire American League playoff picture is anything but clear. Any of the 4 teams I could see winning, unlike the National League where the Phillies appear to be a step ahead.

It all starts tomorrow night at Yankees Stadium at 8:37pm on TBS, so get ready because its time for October baseball! (although game 1 is in September dammit!)

One Response to “Yanks meet the Tigers at the Stadium Friday Night”

  1. sammywestside Says:

    according to Girardi Garcia will go game 3 and they will go with a three man rotation…CC game 4, Nova game 5

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