Greetings from the Home of the 2011 AL East Champs




For some reason, I always go to the game after the memorable game. In July, I went to the game after Jeter’s 3,000th hit. In 1999, I went to the game after David Cone’s perfect game. Now I’m at the game after the Yanks clinched a playoff birth and the division. But I have to admit, I don’t have a good feeling about Bartolo Colon. So far, he has sucked. I have lost full confidence in him for the postseason. Granted only half of the starters are playing, this has been the flatest Yankee game all season. With only a week remaining in the season, this isn’t the time to start playing like dog shit. I might sound a little pessimistic, but I’ve seen this all too much.

Also, completely off topic – I think Major League Baseball has the perfect amount of teams in the playoffs. One wild card team is enough. If there wasn’t a wild card team, this week wouldn’t matter since the division leaders have practically clinched already. However, if the MLB adds an extra wild card team, this would also be bad for baseball. If there was an extra playoff team, this would be an uneventful week since teams like the Rays and Red Sox would already be in the playoffs. My advice to Selig: keep the playoff format the same and keep September baseball interesting.

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