A Much Needed Victory

Domenik Hixon during his Impressive 22-Yard Touchdown Catch

Coming into last night’s game, I was worried if the Giants were going to show up. Since the past three Giants’ seasons have been so inconsistent, I’ve learned to have no expectations every game. If I assume the GMen would come out strong, they would have a terrible first half. If they were expected to get killed, they would somehow put up 30 points in the first half. It’s just how this franchise works. So coming into this game, I didn’t want to over-analyze the game too much. Fortunately, the Giants played strong enough to get their first win of the season.

First, the bad news. the Giants secondary still looks terrible. Aaron Ross was practically burned on every play, while Deon Grant made one of the most embarrassing plays of the season so far. How can you let a wide receiver make a diving catch,then allow him to get back up and run for another 35 yards? That shit won’t fly next week regardless if Vick plays or not. However, I do give kudos to Grant making a smart move late in the first quarter. The Rams’ offense were moving down the field quickly with a no-huddle offense and the Giants defense was in desparate need of a break. Instead of allowing St. Louis to get the momentum of the drive, Grant took a dive and acted as if he injured his leg. The officials were forced to call time out and the Giants were able to catch their breath. A smart move by a veteran pro. (Btw, I love how everyone is hating on the Giants for this. Tough shit bro! In football, you do whatever it takes to win. So stop whining like a little bitch.)

Now for the good news. For the second week in a row, the defensive line came ready to play. With Tuck in the starting lineup, this line is scary. I actually hope Vick plays next week so I can how he will react with non-stop pressure all game. Imagine the Giants’ defensive front against Philly’s O-Line? It’s not going to be fair. Just as long the Giants don’t have any more injuries here, I feel confident they will stay strong all season.

For next week, I refuse to make a prediction. I’m not going to analyze shit. I feel like if I say I’m confident with the Giants, they will shit the bed. But I also feel that if I say I’m pessimistic about the game, they will get their tits lit. So all I’m going to do is sit back, relax and keep my mouth shut of Giants football until Monday morning.

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